(06 Feb) H. E. Bea ten Tusscher, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Bulgaria Official Acceptance and Lecture by Mr. Christoph Glaser About “The Hilton Effect“ (+GAL)

On 6 February 2019 in Hilton Sofia Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular weekly meeting.

H. E. Bea ten Tusscher, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Bulgaria was officially accepted as a member of out club. Warm welcome from all the members, Bea.

Our meeting was attended by our regular guest Mr. Christoph Glaser, General Manager of Hilton Sofia, who also was our presenter for the evening, and by Mr. Thomas Metz from Bosch.

Our resident Mr. Enrico Repouz received certificated of appreciation form “National Fund St. Nicola” Foundation, for the successful realization of the project for donating shoes to kids in need. You can read more here. Apart form the certificates, our member Mr. Peter Simon, who took active role in the project, received a painting form the kids we presented with new winter boots.

The evening continued with a discussion of our next fundraising event – the traditional wine tasting evening – Wine It! 2019. Stay tuned for more details soon.

After the the internal topics agenda was exhausted, we all enjoyed an educative presentation on “The Hilton Effect“ by Mr. Christoph Glaser, General Manager of Hilton Sofia. He walked us briefly through the 100 years history of Hilton hotels. The presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session.

After the official part the fellowship continued in the the lobby bar of the hotel where we learned even more interesting facts about Hilton.

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(30 Jan) New Member Acceptance H.E. Mrs. Bea ten Tusscher, Ambassador of Netherlands to Bulgaria (+GAL)

The meeting held on 30 January in Hilton Sofia was carried through by the secretary of our Club Mr. Rumen Rusinov. Once again we would like to express our gratitude to Linda for providing us with a wonderful evening in her home where we held our meeting on 23 January.

On the meeting we were very proud to announce that our new member candidate – H. E. Mrs. Bea ten Tusscher, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Bulgaria will be formally accepted as soon as schedules are congruent.

Bea transfers form the Gimle Rotary Club in Oslo. Official acceptance ceremony shall follow.

Rumen announced the possibility for executing of mutual projects with RC Korneuburg, Austria. We had a very nice first meeting with many club members from RC Korneuburg last summer during their visit in Bulgaria at “Veseloto selo” Restaurant.

The cause this year for our fundraising event – “Wine It!” 2019 will be “sitting volleyball”. This is going to be a huge party for the venue allows for it. We will be in a “factory type” venue – Creative Hall Studio.

Join the event on 14 March and invite guests and sponsors. All ideas are welcome.

After the closing bell, we continued the discussions about “Wine It!” 2019 in the informal atmosphere of the Hilton Sofia Lobby bar.

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(23 Jan) Swiss Fondue Night at Linda’s Home (+GAL)

Our regular meeting on 23 January was held at one of our member’s home – Mrs. Linda Kim!

She was so nice to invite us to a Swiss Fondue Night and share the secrets of preparing Swiss fondue, together with the other Swiss members Claude and his wife Inna.

All members took part in the preparation of the fondue and a special fruit salad. The atmosphere was very nice, cozy, and in the spirit of friendship.

Many internal club issues were discussed and especially our new cause. We are taking the first steps toward writing a new chapter of our bellowed Rotarian Club – the establishment of our own sitting volleyball club with special purpose. The name of the sitting volleyball club is suggested to be “Sofia Owls”. The name is chosen in order to hint to its heritage – our club, which has as its logo an owl.

The cause of this year “Wine It” 2019 event will be collecting money for the sitting volleyball team.

The night was fantastic, we all felt at home. The combination of wine and fondue with wine was great. For desert Linda surprised us with homemade fruit salad and with Slivova rakia.

Thank you Linda, for your hospitality.

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(16 Jan) Lecture by our Member Mr. Kostadin Kostadionov on Blockchain (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International had its regular meeting in our regular place – Hilton Sofia.

Our gratitude from the meeting goes to Mr. Kostadin Kostadinov, who has mastered a sheer impossible task to bring us closer to “Blockchain” and how it works.

Now we know that, there are “miners” in the process of a transaction between two parties. Business as usual, but the miners craft the block (part of the chain of information which is irreversible) and available to all participants in the “Blockchain” transaction.

The omnipresent “paper trail” that is left behind is the security buyers and purchasers are looking for.

Next regular meeting will be at Linda’s home. The invitation is for a Swiss Fondue Night – to discuss in private atmosphere club life and issues, like the organization of our fundraising event – “Wine It” 2019 and the Sitting Volleyball initiative, which is going to be the cause of the event this year and one of the causes of our club from now on.

The discussions continued in the lobby of the hotel in an informal atmosphere.

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(9 Jan) Rotary Club Sofia International is 14 Years Old and Has a New Member (+GAL)

The first regular meeting for 2019 was held on 9 January in Hilton Sofia. The attendance was great and the meeting was very enjoyable, thanks to all, who actively participated in the discussions.

As a regular guest we had again Mrs. Bea Ten Tusscher.

Highlight of the evening was the acceptance of Mr. Yordan Dukov as a member of our Club. We welcomed our new member coming from Rotaract Club Sofia International, just two days before we become 14 Year years old. Our club was inaugurated on 11 January 2005.

Our member Linda suggested to invite all members to a Swiss Fondue Night at her home on 23 January and to have our regular meeting in a private atmosphere to discuss our 15 years Anniversary Party and many other club and life topics. Everyone agreed to organize the dinner event at our host Linda.

Our President Enrico gave an update on the donation to “National Fund Saint Nicola” Foundation for winter boots for children. Other topics followed, like organization issues around the “Wine It!” 2019 fundraiser event which will be held on 14 March 2019.

After the official part we had great time again in the lobby of Hilton Sofia.

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(22 Dec) Successful Project Realization with “National Fund St. Nicola” Foundation (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International’s President, Mr. Repouz together, with our member Mr. Simon visited on 22 December an orphanage in city of Roman, North Western Bulgaria, one of the poorest regions of the country.

The visit was a follow up on a call for help from “National Fund Saint Nicola” Foundation for fitting the kids form the home for children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities with winter boots. In total 360 children’s are in need. 45 of the kids have already been carried for by our club, which willingly undertook this project was able to raise money for 90 pairs of boots.


Our members were warmly welcomed by the kids, who have prepared a welcome sign, music program, and handmade crafts with which they surprised Mr. Repouz and Mr. Simon.

You can support the Foundation by donating here:
Procredit Bank
For “National Fund St. Nicola” Foundation

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(19 Dec): Last Meeting for 2018 at the “German Christmas Market” (+GAL)

The last meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International for 2018 has been held on 19 December at the German Christmas Market in the City Garden of Sofia, near Alexander Battenberg Square.

The mulled wine, the numerous delicacies and the cozy atmosphere of this already traditional market contributed to the festive mood of more than 15 Club members and guests who attended the meeting.

Despite the low temperature, 2 hours passed unnoticeably and after many Christmas and New Year’s wishes the Rotarian friends parted till next regular meeting on 9 January 2019 at Hilton Sofia.

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(12 Dec) Presentations by Dr. Tatyana Benisheva on “Self-Medication and Off-Label Use” (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International’s last official meeting for the calendar 2018 was held on 12 December in Hilton Sofia. We had the honor and privilege to welcome as guests Mr. Ilian Madjarov, a long time member of our club and now a Secretary and a founding member of Rotary Club Tallinn Global, Mr. Maxim Minkov from Rotary Club Sofia Tangra, Mrs. Elisaveta Belobradova and Mrs. Krasimira Hadjiivanova from “Ole Male”.

The President Mr. Enrico Repouz reported on the successful initiative with “National Fund St. Nicola” Foundation who approached us with a request to sponsor 15 children with physical and cognitive disabilities by purchasing winter boots for them. Rotary Club Sofia International and its members were able to raise an amount with which we were actually able to purchase 45 pairs of boots for 45 kids. In addition one of our members will donate a large amount of children’s clothes to the foundation.

The meeting continued with a presentation by our member and Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Drug Information Prof. Dr. Tatyana Benisheva on the topic of self medication and use of off-label medicine. Later on Mrs. Elisaveta Belobradova and Mrs. Krasimira Hadjiivanova presented their social enterprise “Ole Male” – helping mothers of disabled children to work and support themselves.

Mr. Maxim Minkov from Rotary Club Tangra called for donation of obsolete computers, which are to be refurbished and donated to schools, youth centers, etc. nation-wide.

After the official part of the meeting, the fellowship continued in the lobby bar of the hotel, where the discussions on the topics raised during the meeting continued.

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(5 Dec) Rotary Club Sofia International Annual Elections (+GAL)

On 5 December 2018 Rotary Club Sofia International held its elections for Board members for next Rotarian year 2019-2020 and for President Elect for 2020-2021.

The election for president for 2020/2021 could not take place due to lack of quorum. We will fine-tune our internal rules and change the election quota for President. The election for president was postponed to mid of February 2019. 

Board members for Rotarian year 2019-2020 are:
– Mrs. Hristina Malchevska
– Ms. Ani Hristova
– Mr. Marc Bouzy
– Mr. Jörg Schenk
– Mr. Svetozar Shkoutov
Additionally members of the Board for 2019-2020 are also:
– Mr. Enrico Repouz (President 2018-2019)
– Mr. Plamen Kertev (President Elect 2019-2020)
they will be joined by the President Nominee 2020-2021.

This board will support Mr. Plamen Kertev (President Elect 2019/2020). Congratulations to all elected.

Another important news was announced for Mr. Yordan Doukov (Rotaract), has been proposed to become a full-fledged member of the club. Yordan has been a regular visitor to our meetings and events alike. The board has unanimously approved his application and he would officially be accepted as member on 9 January 2019 at our regular meeting.

After the official elections we continued our conversations in the lobby bar of the hotel.

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(1 Dec) The Traditional Wine and Friendship Event by Rotary Club Harmanli Attended by Members of our Club (+GAL)

The traditional Wine and Friendship event organized by Rotary Club Harmanli for 15th year took place in Prikazkite restaurant in Harmanli on 1 December 2018. Our Past President Ms. Hristova and our Secretary Mr. Rusinov attended the event and were joined by our past member, now member of Rotary Club Troyan – Mr. Cris Biemod.

The party is also a fundraising event and the money collected will go for the realization of the project of the host club “The School – an Attractive Center for our Children”, which will constitute of construction of a multi-functional playground in the yard of “Ivan Vazov” primary school in Harmanli.

The celebration of the friendship actually started at 14:00 o’clock with a bus tour to Villa Bassarea and later to wine cellar Malkata Zvezda

After the wine tour the program continued in the restaurant, where the host of the evening – the actor Mr. Yordan Danchev – opened the program a short sketch, which lifted up the mood of the audience and invited the President of Rotary Club Harmanli, Mr. Galin Karagyozov, to welcome the 240 guests. 

The floor was then given to the District Governor of D-2482 Bulgaria, Mr. Vesselin Dimitrov who awarded the Past President of Rotary Club Harmanli – Mr. Gosho Jelev – with a certificate from Mr. Ian H.S. Riseley, President 2017-2018 of Rotary International. Mr. Dimitrov also presented Paul Harris Fellow certificates to Mr. Karagyozov and to Dr. Angelov.

The evening continued with songs and dances form the kids from “Harmanli Slavei” and from dance ensemble “Horishtenci”, followed by “Mega Dance” ballet group.

The fundraising raffle auction brought 8,885 BGN to be used for the afore mentioned project.

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We meet on Wednesday at 18:45 in
Hilton Sofia, 1 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia.

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