(27 Sep) First Regular Meeting of the Rotary Club Sofia International – RCSI (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International, part of Rotary, a worldwide organization dedicated to service and community development, embarked on a new journey with the beginning of the new rotational year. On September 27th, 2023, members of the club gathered for a first regular meeting, setting the tone for a year filled with impactful projects and a shared commitment to making the world a better place.

The meeting began with a warm and enthusiastic welcome from 2023/2024 club president Grant Dale. Grant emphasized the club’s enduring legacy by acknowledging the projects that continue to make a difference in the community and the world, reinforcing the club’s dedication to service above self. As part of ongoing initiatives for the year, RCSI is actively involved in supporting a Rehabilitation Center that specializes in caring for children with onco-hematological diseases, contribution to Rotary Club Sandton – Blanket Drive and dedication to continuous donations and contribution to Bulgarian Field Hockey Federation (BFHF) for the ID Hockey Team.

A brief moment was taken to express the opportunities the new year would bring, and a vote on the internal rules being amended was anonymously passed. The club’s members engaged in a lively exchange of ideas, prioritizing community needs. This collaborative spirit ensured that the club would continue its tradition of meaningful service.

The meeting provided an opportunity to introduce and welcome guests, namely: Markus Kroeger, Elisaveta Lachina, Gergana Taseva, Iva Mihailova, Nikolay Tzaribachev, Domagoj Stefan, Birgit Wetzel, Abdulkader Husrieh. Each new friend shared their stories and motivation for joining the meeting. After the official proceedings, all enjoyed a social hour, fostering a sense of fellowship and unity, reminding that the moments of informal interaction are integral to building strong connections among the organization.

The first meeting of the Rotary Club’s new rotational year was a testament to the organization’s enduring commitment to bring a positive impact on the community and the world – Create Hope in the World.

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(8 Mar) International Women’s Day with Valentino Chocolatier (+GAL)

Our presenters came prepared with gifts of sweet treats for all the women in the meeting on that special day! The meeting started with congratulations on the International Women’s Day (IWD). The President then recounted some historical data about the IWD and said a few words about 3rd of March – the Bulgarian National Holiday.

An announcement followed about the completion of a mission. The collected amount for the violin for the talented Diana Chausheva has come to its end. The violin is purchased, and the violin was handed over to Diana. She thanked all the Rotarians and congratulated all the Bulgarians by playing the national anthem of Bulgaria with the new violin. President Rumen played a recording of the performance on the screen. Well done Rotary, congratulations Diana!

The President once again reminded the gathering about the pilot project named – “Do not annoy me” organized by the President of our Rotaract club Nevena Ivanova and RAC Sofia Vitosha Izgrev. The project is supported by the children’s advocacy and support center Zona za Krila at the Animus Foundation and aims to help students deal with verbal bullying and the difficult situations in which life puts them.



Lectures and workshops – 12.03.2023, 12h00 -16h00
Where: Conference hall “Gallery” at the Nationalen Studentski Dom
Facebook: https://fb.me/e/2HZbS2Lyu
Registration here 

An update was given on the current status of the project for the Bulgarian Field Hockey Federation, Special Olympics and the ID Team.

The trainings are now every week on Monday and Tuesday 16h00 at Atrim Arena Hall in Plovdiv. Our club appeared as partner on the website of the Bulgarian Field Hockey Federation. On 12.03.2023 there will be the XVIII State Hockey Championship for juniors up to the age of 18 in Rudozem. The ID Team will have a demonstration match. We are still expecting feedback about the funding of the project by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In order to make the cause more popular it was announced that a press conference will be held on 9 March at 11h00 in Bulgaria press club with the participation of Special Olympics Bulgaria, the BFHF, RC Sofia International together with the coaches and players from the Special Olympics field hockey team.

The topic of the press conference is: “Hockey development projects for people in a disadvantaged position in our country and the program for the preparation of the Bulgarian hockey team for participation in the World Games, Berlin 2023”. Our President will participate at the press conference.

Our press release for the conference will be:

Rotary Club Sofia International supports projects for people with disabilities. Four years ago, we founded a sitting volleyball club for people with disabilities – “Sofia Owls”, we provided a training hall, coaches and support for players, but the pandemic thwarted the endeavour. We decided to redirect the collected funds to create a team for children with mental disabilities at the Bulgarian Field Hockey Federation. The President of the federation is our past President – Dr. Jörg Schenk. At the beginning of the year, we supported the project to not stop the process and to continue the trainings until additional funds are secured. Rotary Club Sofia International will continue to support the project and will be happy to see the children as participants in the Special Olympics in June this year.

At the end of the meeting our guest speakers from Valentino Chocolatier – Veselina Yordanova and her husband Nikolay Yordanov revealed to the participants the secrets of handmade Belgian chocolate and gave us the opportunity to taste the perfection of Belgian chocolate art. All women present, received a small gift bag with Belgian chocolate for the International Women’s Day. The Chocolates were amazing, and you can find them in the shop: https://shop.luxbonbon.com/

The fellowship continued in the sweet atmosphere of Belgian chocolate in hotel Hilton.

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(22 Feb) Support for “Do Not Annoy Me” Project of Rotaract Club Sofia International (+GAL)

Our regular meeting was held on 22February 2023, just one day before Rotary International is celebrating its 118th birthday. The President read to present at the meeting the letter from our District Governor, Mrs. Violina Kostova about the event. February 23 is the day that more than 1.4 million Rotarians and Rotaractors around the World are celebrating Paul Harris’ dream to create an organization on a professional basis related to the opportunities for prosperity, mutual respect and friendship. Mr. Rusinov also announced that Rotarians from Bulgaria will celebrate 90 years Rotary in Bulgaria this spring in Hilton Sofia. The Rotarians received a Congratulatory address by the Rotaryan Inner Wheel Organization.

The President of our Rotaract club, Ms. Nevena Ivanova and Rotaract Club Sofia Vitosha-Izgrev have developed a pilot project named – “Do Not Annoy Me”. The project is supported by the children’s advocacy and support center Zona za Krila at the Animus Foundation and aims to help students deal with verbal bullying and the difficult situations in which life puts them.

Staying on the same topic Mr. Rusinov announced that the board has nominated the current President of Rotaract Club Sofia International, Ms. Nevena Ivanova to be our candidate for the SELECTION PROCEDURE of District Rotaract Representative for the Rotary year 2024-2025 in District 2482 Bulgaria. A recommendation letter for her was issued by the club. Good luck Nevena!

Then Mr. Rusinov updated us on the current status of the project with the Bulgarian Field Hockey Federation and Special Olympics. Тhe children with intellectual disabilities come to the trainings with great desire. Тhey wait impatiently for the coaches and all are highly motivated. For the moment the children are training and having their activities thanks to our club donation. Special Olympics also funded the project with 1000 BGN. The federation is looking for equipment for the goalkeeper of the team, but we will be waiting for the feedback from the Ministry of Sports about the funding of the project before we continue with our support for the kids.

The meeting continued with announcement of a new candidate member Mr. Christoph Plate – German member of the Rotary Club Johannesburg New Dawn. Mr. Rusinov shared a few personal data about the candidate, who is Director of the Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, He is expected to arrive in Sofia end of September this year.

At the end the floor was given to our Past President, Ms. Ani Hristova who visited the Rotary Club Stockholm Global City. She shared her moments from Stockholm with us and Rumen presented pictures from her visit on the screen. Thank you, Ani! More information, about her visit here.

The fellowship continued in the pleasant atmosphere of Hilton Sofia.

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(15 Feb) Ms. Ani Hristova, Past President Visited Rotary Club Stockholm Global City (+GAL)

On 15 February 2023 the Past President of Rotary Club Sofia International, Ms. Hristova, visited Rotary Club Stockholm Global City.

She was warmly welcomed by the Club President, Mr. Lars Erik Lundqvist, and by all members present at the meeting, together with Mr. Kristofer Erlandsson – Governor for District 2350 (2016-2017) and the initiator and leader of numerous Rotary projects – most notably International RYLA – Mrs. Darina Schartman, President Elect, Mr. Josef Icmen, Mr. Anders Nilson, and by the lecturer of the night Mr. Oskar Andermo.

The floor was given to Ms. Hristova, and she briefly mentioned that she is in Sweden as delegate from Bulgaria in Sweden Presidency. She briefly explained her Rotary life in Bulgaria and her District position as part of the International Service Committee. The  MED-BUL project was highlighted and flyers from the club were distributed.

The highlight of the night was the lecture of Mr. Oskar Andermo, CEO of Chikara. The topic was “Future-proof yourself! Self-leadership in a Fast-paced World.”

Mr. Andermo explained that the rapid changes and new technologies can change industries overnight, so we must be constantly innovative and ready for change. New technology has many advantages but also a downside. We are doing better than ever but feeling worse and worse. Stress and the prevalence of mental illness are increasing.

With this lecture, Mr. Andermo gave an overview of the latest technology, opportunities, challenges, and a toolbox to deal with this. He gave some good examples of how we can future-proof ourselves.

He presented the platform Chat GPT and how people can find their answers and solutions, to almost all topics there.

After the presentation, many members were interested to hear more about Bulgaria, and many asked Ms. Hristova for details, about our life here, our habits, our culture and our traditions.

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(15 Feb) Rotary Club Sofia International Meets Online with Rotary Club Paris Agora (+GAL)

We had a very pleasant meeting on 15 February 2023 at Hilton Sofia. 14 people joined the meeting. Our candidate member Mr. Serkan Halil and the President of our Rotaract club Ms. Nevena Ivanova were among them and 4 members were virtually with us.

The meeting was a compliment from our friends from Hilton Sofia. Thank you, dear friends, and we are happy that you are our hosts and we feel at home in Hilton Sofia.

Just before the regular meeting the board members of the club had their board meeting, so our President started with announcements of some important decisions they have taken. The new meetings program until the end of this Rotarian Year was presented.

Then we continued with updates on the project for the support of children with intellectual disabilities (ID) from the Bulgarian Field Hockey Federation. The trainings continue to be held two times a week at Atrim Arena hall in Plovdiv and the kids are very motivated. On next training the trainers will form two teams to compete. As we already informed you the project is supported by the national media. Here are links to the interviews on the BNT1 and POTV:

Our club has initially donated 2000 BGN and we will continue with our support. The federation has requested the Ministry of Youth and Sport for financial support. We really hope that the Ministry will support that wonderful project.

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(8 Feb) Rotarian Fondue Dinner at Linda’s Home (+GAL)

We had the pleasure of meeting at what has become a traditional event for our club, the fondue dinner meeting at Linda’s home. Eleven club members benefited from Linda’s hospitality on 8 February. All present members enjoyed a Swiss evening with the traditional Swiss dish – fondue, melted cheese dish served in a communal pot over a spirit burner, and eaten by dipping bread into the melted cheese using long-stemmed forks.

Mrs. Linda Kim, Mr. Claude Badan and Mr. Rumen Rusinov cooked the fondue in the clay pots on the ceramic hob until the cheese was completely melted and then transferred them to the spirit burners to keep the cheese in liquid condition.

The table was perfectly decorated till the last detail. The spirit was very high and the atmosphere like in a big international family. Linda had baked morsels of bread for the fondue, which were placed in handmade bread bowls also backed by herself. Amazing Linda! She had put so much effort in preparation for this meeting!

Of course, all were talking about the terrible disaster in Turkey and Syria. Our President, Mr. Rumen Rusinov shared the available information from the District. Our District Gouverneur is in contact with the Turkish Gouverneur, Mr. Emre Ozturk of District 2430.

Our President made a few announcements about the established organization for assisting the victims of the earthquake and shared the latest Rotary news and some internal club affaires.

February 15th is the International Childhood Cancer Day and in this regard our club is invited on Wednesday, the 15 February at the Rehabilitation Center for children with oncohematological diseases in Opicvet. Thank you der friends, for the invitation! Last year our club donated the purchase of a tiny house (container) to the Center.

The evening continued in a very warm, pleasant and cozy atmosphere. At the end Linda surprised us with two cakes, baked by herself with amazing taste. Linda had prepared for days for this evening. All members express their big gratitude for all her efforts and big hospitality. Thank you, Linda! …Read the rest of this entry »

(5 Feb) Meeting with Mrs. Universe, Our New Rotarian Friend, Mrs. Veronica Yu (+GAL)

On 5 February 2023, the President of Rotary Club Sofia International Mr. Rumen Rusinov, the Past President Ms. Ani Hristova and the President Elect Mr. Grant Dale had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Universe, Veronica Yu and her supporting team.

Mrs. Yu is from Rotary District 3780, Rotary Club of Cubao, QC, Philippines. She was in Bulgaria on the Mrs. Universe competition. Mrs. Yu is also nominated for District Governor of D-3780.

Her supporting group consists of Rotary Presidents from different clubs, the amazing Mrs. Jocelyn Rosendahl-Heukelbach from Rotary Club of Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, Philippines, Mrs. Loid Cotoner Benedicto and Mrs. Marie Olivia, President Nominee, Rotary Club of Loyola Heights, one of the biggest and multi-awarded club in District 3780 with 130 members.

We had the honor to meet also the Past District Governor, Mr. Johnny Yu. We discussed opportunities for future projects and spend great time together.

We received numerous invitations to visit the Philippines and hope to meet our new friends there soon.

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(25 Jan) Media Support for the Field Hockey ID Team Project and Lecture by Mr. Georgi Bogdanov from the National Network for Children (+GAL)

(25 Jan) Regular MeetingWe had the pleasure to meet for the third time this year on 25January at Hilton Sofia Hotel. Thirteen people joined the meeting; We welcomed 2 guests – Mrs. Evgenia Boranova – regular guest of our Club and Mr. Teodor Georgiev. Our special guest was the guest speaker, Mr. Georgi Bogdanov from the National Network for Children.

Right after the announcements of some news and internal club affaires our President said that the funded by our club project for the field hockey ID Team of children with intellectual disabilities is gaining momentum. Besides the diligent training of the children, the management of the Field Hockey Federation is successfully promoting the project to the media. The project was broadcasted on the Bulgarian National Television – “BNT 1” on 24.01.2023 at 18:00h and on the on the Bulgarian TV – Plovdiv „POTV “. Please follow the links here and here.

The children had already 7 trainings and are dreaming of participating at the Special Olympics World Games in June this year. Our club will support the project and is willing to be partner of the Bulgarian Field Hockey Federation for this project. More news on this project will come.

We received the confirmation from our dear friend, Mr. Marc Bouzy, Past President about the donation of 1500 Euro from the Belgium Rotary Club Braine-I’ Alleud for the Rotary Club Samokov Global Grant project.

Then our Past President, Ms. Ani Hristova shared her great impression from her visit at Rotary Club Köln – Ambassador in Germany and pictures from her visit were shown on the screen. She attended to their fundraising even – Carnaval, where she was warmly welcomed. Even she was invited by the Club President for the flag exchange on the stage on font of all guests. More information here. Ms. Hristova brought a flag from the German club which she handed over to our President, who thanked Ani and the fiends from Rotary Club Köln – Ambassador.

The meeting continued with the presentation of the guest speaker – Mr. Georgi Bogdanov – CEO of the National Network for Children. He presented the activities of the association and their problems.

The National Network for Children is an alliance of civil society organizations and supporters, working with and for the children and families across the whole country.

The promotion, protection and observing the rights of the child are part of the key principles, that unite them. They believe that all policies and practices, that affect directly or indirectly the children should be developed, applied and observed, taking into account the principle of the best interest of the child and with the active participation of children and young people themselves. They are lead in all our activities by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a key document that lays down the philosophy, the values and the way of work of the Network.

We can remind, that thanks to our dear friend Mr. Stamen Tassev we had a Dental project, together with the National Network for Children – we distribute toothpaste to children via our friends form Rotary Club Kazanlak, Rotary Club Zlatograd, Rotary Club Samokov, Rotary Club Bansko-Razlog and SBAL Children’s Hospital “Prof. Ivan Mitev” in Sofia.

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(19 Jan) Traditional Carnival by Rotary Club Köln-Ambassador in Cologne, Germany (+GAL)

Carnival by Rotary Club Köln-AmbassadorOn 19 January in Cologne’s Alteburg the traditional Carnival of Rotary Club Köln-Ambassador, under the motto “LOSS MER SINGE” was held. Our Past President, Ms. Ani Hristova, attended and was warmly welcomed by the members of the club.

The President Mrs. Isabelle Stauff presented and invited Ms. Hristova on the stage to exchange flags in front of more than 250 people. This was a wonderful and very impressive honor, bestowed on Ms. Hristova.

The traditional event with the Loss mer singe was colorful and the atmosphere was great. There were different and creative costumes, as well as typical traditional costumes for Carnival. All the guests were smiling and dancing and singing together!

The President Mrs. Isabelle Stauff was happy to see so many Rotarians and friends.

The Carnival and visit of Ms. Hristova was also mentioned on their web site.

According to tradition, there was a competition between 20 songs, where all participants voted. The 1st place took “Sing mich noh Hus” by Kasalla.

Our fiends collected 5,000 EUR for the Cologne association Himmel un Ääd. The association takes care of needy children and young people in Cologne, including lunch and homework assistance.

The Rotary Club Köln-Ambassador is a young club from the southern part of Cologne. Keeping true to their motto: “hands-on” they want to:
• Shape the future through education and integration
• Promote friendship and joy together through “Service above Self”
• Be a hands-on, community-based Rotary club
• Experience good times with and for one another.

More about Rotary Club Koln-Ambassador here

Ms. Hristova is thankful to Isabelle for the wonderful welcome.

A special thank you to Pascal, who coordinated and welcomed Ms. Hristova. He also took the time during the Carnival he to visit all the tables to distribute the MED-BUL brochures and to explain to the guests about Rotary Club Sofia International Initiative.

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(18 Jan) Donation for the Field Hockey Team of Children with Mental Retardation and for Rotary Club Samokov

BFHFJust prior to the second meeting this year on 18th of January, the board members of our club had gathered to make important decisions. When the meeting started our President announced in front of all 10 board members of the club present in Hilton Sofia Hotel that the board has decided to donate 2000 BGN for the needs of the Bulgarian Field Hockey Federation (BFHF) for the newly created team of children with mental retardation. The Bulgarian Field Hockey Federation has also applied for financing at the Ministry of outh and Sport and hopes the project soon to be funded, but so far there is no feedback from the Ministry. In order not to lose the gained momentum our donation is just on time as the trainings of the children have started and the money will be used for the rent of the training hall, for the transportation of the children to the training hall and for the trainers. The motivation of the children and the parents is very high. Our past member, our dear friend Mr. Jörg Schenk, who is the Chairman of the BFHF expressed gratitude for the gesture and the timely assistance. We will keep fingers crossed as we cannot wait to see the children as one hokey team to participate at the Special Olympics games in June 2023 in Germany.

Another donation from our club in the amount of 500 USD will go for the Rotary Club Samokov Global Grant project, where our club is partner. For the same project the Belgium Rotary Club Braine-I’ Alleud will fund 1500 Euro.

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We meet on Wednesday at 18:45 in
Hilton Sofia, 1 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia.

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