(27 Nov) Rotary Club Sofia International Goes Bowling Again (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International BowlingOn 27 November Rotary Club Sofia International went bowling once again. The club hosted a business and fun evening in Sky City Mall, where after a nice dinner a club bowling tournament took place.

We were happy to welcome our as guests Ms. Veselina Cholakova (President of Rotaract Sofia Club) and Mrs. Nadka Hristova. After they introduces themselves a brief discussion of some routine club affairs followed.

Then a friendly dinner followed. After which the second bowling tournament of our club took place. 2 teams of 4 players each demonstrated their athletic skills. It is worth noting the remarkable performance of Tanja, Thomas, Radka, and the guests Vesselina and Nadka.

Obviously there is a number of potential bowling “stars” in our club and they will have the opportunity to prove their abilities in the next tournaments we are going to organize in the coming months.

Everyone is invited to join our next tournaments. Keep on checking our website and Facebook page for details.

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(20 Nov) Rotary Club Sofia International Annual Elections (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalOn 20 November 2019 Rotary Club Sofia International held its annual meeting and the elections for a new President 2021-2020 and Board members of 2020-2021.

Before the annual elections updates on the internal affairs of Rotary Club Sofia International were shared.

Mr. Kostadin Kostadinov together with our Interact Club took part in the Annual Interact Assembly in Smolyan. Kostadin was impressed by the young Interactors and their dreams of achieving great successes. We all wish them all the best in their endeavors.

Following, Mrs. Dessy Tian talked about the Rotary visit in China earlier this month. 12 Rotarians took part together with members of the Chinese Culture Center and representatives of the Bulgarian media. The visit also included a trip to a city close to Shanghai. There the Rotarians were guests of a local Rotary club and exchanged flags as a symbol of friendship. The event was organized by the Chinese Culture Center in Sofia, where our Mrs. Dessy Tian is an adviser. A Bulgarian-Chinese Association has been established during the visit. The ambitious plans of the association are to support the bilateral trade and business relationships between both countries.

Afterwards, Enrico gave an update on the training sessions of our sitting volleyball club “Sofia Owls”. At the beginning 11 athletes participated, but then few people dropped from the team. There are different reasons for that -people in wheel-chair found the game hard for them to play, cannot adapt sitting on the ground. Now we have 8 players, though, only half of them regularly participate in the practices. The biggest challenge, currently, is to find more athletes and retain them in the club. The goal is to develop a competitive team with the ambition to participate in the Paralympic games in Paris 2024. The support of all members is needed to spread the word and find players. Everyone is encouraged to visit the training sessions regularly and motivate the players.

Later on, Rumen, who actively is doing all the organization of our MED-Bul Project, gave an update that medical equipment from Austria will be donated to 2 hospitals in Razgrad, where there is a real need.

After the internal affairs we continued with the annual elections for President 2021–2022 and Board 2020–2021.

Hereby the results:
President 2021-2022 is Mrs. Hristina Malchevska

Board members for Rotarian year 2020-2021 are:
Ms. Ani Hristova;
Mr. Rumen Rusinov;
Mr. Jörg Schenk;
Mr. Enrico Repouz;
Mr. Yordan Dukov.
Additionally members of the Board for 2020-2021 are also:
Mr. Plamen Kertev (President 2019-2020);
Mr. Marc Bouzy (President Elect 2020-2021);
Mr. Hristina Malchevska (President Nominee 2021-2022).

This board will support Mr. Marc Bouzy (President Elect 2020-2021). Congratulations to all elected.

After the elections the fellowship continued in the lobby bar of the hotel.

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(13 Nov) 8th Regular Meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalRotary Club Sofia International held its 8th regular meeting of the new Rotarian year as usual at Hilton Sofia. The meeting started with internal affairs followed by a presentation of the schedule of the coming meetings. Then the President, Mr. Plamen Kertev invited members to sign up for presentations in the open slots during the coming regular meetings.

Thanks to our South African member – Mr. Grant Dale, Rotary Club Sofia International will have the privilege to welcome as guest lector H.E. Mr. Thabo Thage, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Republic of South Africa on 15 January 2020. Save the date and we hope to see many guest. Follow the Facebook Page of the club and check the website for more details.

Afterwards the President updated the present on the organization of the 15th Anniversary of Rotary Club Sofia International, which will be held in in the beginning of 2020. Once again follow the club’s pages to be up to date. 

Later Ms. Ani Hristova reported on the visit to a regular meeting of Rotaract Club Sofia by Mr. Dale, Mr. Dukov and herself. Details of that visit are here

Then followed an update of the status of the MED-Bul Project developments and next steps presented by Mr. Rumen Rusinov.

Once the official part was announced through the ring of the bell, the fellowship continued with discussions around the upcoming projects planned by the club.

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(11 Nov) Rotary Club Sofia International Visits Rotaract Club Sofia (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalOn Monday 11 November members of Rotary Club Sofia International visited the regular meeting of Rotaract Club Sofia. Our members Ms. Ani Hristova, Mr. Grant Dale and Mr. Yordan Dukov, accompanied by Ms. Antonia Vassileva, daughter of our dear friend, the President of Rotary Club Nova Zagora – Mr. Valentin Vasilev, were guests of the Roataractors in Arena di Serdica Boutique Hotel.

The hosts welcomed warmly the members of Rotary Club Sofia International. On this day our Rotaract friends had many reasons to celebrate – a name day of one of the members, past birthdays of others, and last but not least, the winning of the competition in Italy to host the Autumn REM 2020 in Sofia. Thus the meeting started with chocolates an Italian specialties.

Ms. Veselina Cholakova, the President of Rotaract Club Sofia, presided the meeting with a smile and encouraged all the members to take part in the different projects of the club. The guests from Rotary Club Sofia International were impressed how all of the Rotaract members are active and take part in the initiatives of the club. They participate actively in any invitation they receive – a few members are always willing to attend. It was
an inspirational meeting. We definitely have a lot to learn from the enthusiasm of out young friends. 

Consequently Rotaract Club Sofia invited us to their next event – the 17th Folklore competition concert “Bulgarian folklore”.

After that the bell rang for the end of the official part. All the members of Rotaract Club Sofia went to have a dinner together.

Thank you dear friends for the great hospitality and for showing us the power and spirit of Rotaract. 

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(6 Nov) Rotaract Clubs Presented Their Activities at a Regular Club Meeting (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalRotary Club Sofia International held its regular weekly meeting on 6 November 2019 in Hilton Sofia. This time our lovely secretary Mr. Hristina Malchevska presided over the meeting. We welcomed four guests from two Rotaract Clubs. They later presented their activities: Mr. Claudio Mascolo and Ms. Dilyana Tsolova from Rotaract Club Sofia International, Ms. Ruksina Basheva and Ms. Veselina Cholakova from Rotaract Club Sofia. We also had the pleasure to welcome again Mrs. Yolanda Van den Brook.

The meeting started with news by our Rotaractors from Rotaract Club Sofia International. They were invited by Mr. Yordan Dukov, the Rotaract liaison of our club. Claudio is the current President and Dilyana the Secretary of Rotaract Club Sofia International. They updated us on the club’s status. Since most members left the club after University graduation, the main goal facing us now is to revive the club by attracting new members. Future projects and activities that could support the club in their efforts to strengthen it were discussed actively.

Next, the guests from Rotaract Club Sofia Ruksina and Vesselina expressed their gratitude to our club for supporting their books donation project. This year the books collected, not without the help of Ms. Ani Hristova, went to library “Svetlina – 1907” Community Center in Yakoruda, Bulgaria. For more details you can read the article on our page. Last year the books collected as part of that same project were donated to Sunday schools in London. More details can be found in the following article. Plan is the next donation of books to be for the Bulgarian communities in France and Ukraine. Once again Sunray Publishing Company will provide textbooks for this phase of the project. If you also wish to to be part of this wonderful endeavor by donating books, please, contact Ms. Hristova or send a mail to: info@rc-si.org

Ruksina and Vesselina not only presented the successful realization of their project, but were also so kind to bring chocolate and wine.

Afterwards Mr. Rumen Rusinov updated all on the status of the MED-Bul Project.

Later on the  meeting continued with announcement concerning the funds, which were collected at the traditional Oktoberfest of Rotary Club Sofia International. The amount of USD 175 has been transferred to the End Polio Now Fund.

Consequently, we received fascinating news about our Sofia Owls – the Paralympic volleyball team established by our club. Their training sessions are going very well. Anyone who wants to take part and support the team can visit them at the University of Mining and Geology every Friday at 18:30 h. For more news like the Sofia Owls Facebook Page.

Finally, well done, Hristina, for the charming way you chaired the meeting.

After the official part, the fellowship continued with laughter and smiles.

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(1-3 Nov) 25 Years Rotary Club Stara Zagora and 22 Years Rotaract Club Stara Zagora (+GAL)

25 years

On 1 November 2019 the  members of Rotary Club Sofia International Ms. Hristova and Mr. Dale arrived in Stara Zagora to participate in the 25 years Rotary Club Stara Zagora and 22 years Rotaract Club Stara Zagora celebrations. They were warmly welcomed by the organization committee and the Past District Governor Mr. Valentin Stoyanov.

The festivities program on Saturday started with a tour of the museum of the Zagorka Brewery. Later that day the guests had a tour of the Regional Museum of History.

Following was the highlight of the weekend. Which was, of course the dinner celebration for the 25 years Rotary Club Stara Zagora and 22 years Rotaract Club Stara Zagora. More than 200 Rotarians, their friends, associates and guests gathered at the friendship dinner. Among the guests were also more than 20 members of Rotary Club Kruševac, Serbia, District 2483.

Special guests of the 25 years celebration were also the Ombudsman of Stara Zagora – Mrs. Nadezhda Chakarova, the Assistant District Governor – Mr. Rosen Gogoshev, Charter President of the Rotary Club Stara Zagora – Mr. Stefan Terziyev. Additionally Presidents and Members of Rotary Clubs from Kruševac, Serbia; Aytos; Berkovitsa; Veliko Turnovo; Gabrovo; Nova Zagora; Plovdiv; Radnevo; Sliven; Sofia; Harmanli; Haskovo; Yambol; Kazanlak; Stara Zagora. Rotaract and Interact members from Stara Zagora, members of Inner Wheel Club, Lions Clubs in Stara Zagora and Zonta Club also attended the celebration dinner.

The Past District Governor – Mr. Dimitar Dimitrov – wished the club members to retain their current youth spirit. He conveyed a congratulatory address from the District Governor – Mr. Mitko Minev: “Rotary is friendship, integrity, diversity, leadership, open hand, philanthropy.”

The evening concluded with the cutting of the huge birthday cake by the host from Rotary Club Stara Zagora and Rotaract Club Stara Zagora.

Rotary Club Sofia International thanks our dear friends for their hospitality and is waiting to welcome them in Sofia soon.

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(30 0ct) Opening of the End Polio Now Donation Box at a Regular Meeting (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalOn 30 October, 2019 Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular meeting at Hilton Sofia. We were pleased to welcome a new guest Mrs. Yolanda Van den Brook from the Netherlands. After the introduction of Yolanda the meeting continued with internal affairs and announcements. Afterwards Ms. Ani Hristova opened the End Polio Now donation box and counted the funds collected at the club’s Oktoberfest. We have collected almost 300 BGN, which will be transferred to the Global End Polio Fund. Thanks to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this amount will be trippled.

The meeting continued with presentation of current projects of the club. Mr. Rumen Rusinov updated the members on the developments with the MED-Bul project where new opportunities are present – 3 full trucks from Austria are available for Bulgaria and they include two very expensive and valuable devices – an X-Ray and a tomograph by Toshiba. Sponsors are needed for the realization of this new project.

Later on Ms. Ani Hristova shred news on another successful project completed with Roataract Club Sofia. Books were collected, where our club contributed through Ms. Hristova and were donated to organizations in the Yakoruda region of Bulgaria. The project is continuous, so book can be donated to Rotaract Sofia anytime, next destinations are the Bulgarian communities in France and Ukraine. 

Moreover Mrs. Linda Kim will once again take part in the International Women’s Club Charity Bazaar representing Switzerland. This year half of the Swiss stand can be used for promoting Rotary Club Sofia International. Volunteers from the club will participate and will also help Linda. The event will take place on 1 December 2019 in Inter Expo Center. 

After the meeting the fellowship continued. 

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(28 Oct) Rotary Club Sofia International and Rotaract Club Sofa with Donation of Books (+GAL)

Donation of BooksRotary Club Sofia International is happy to share news on yet another successful project we delivered together with Roataract Club Sofia. Namely donation of books to the community center in Yakoruda. The donation would not have been possible without the hard work of our friends – Ms. Ruksina Basheva and Mr. Gabriel Lukov, members of Rotaract Club Sofia, Mrs. Silvia Pavlova, a friend of our club who donated an enormous amount of books, and of course our own member Ms. Ani Hristova. 

This is a project that runs on a regular basis and this time the donation of the books went to the library of “Svetlina – 1907” Community Center in Yakoruda, Blagoevgrad District, Bulgaria. Our club has been a regular supporter of this sustainable project of the friends form Rotaract.

The next donation of books is planned for the Bulgarian communities in France and Ukraine. Should you also wish to support this project by donating books, you can contact Ms. Hristova or send a mail to: info@rc-si.org.

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(23 Oct) Traditional Oktoberfest of Rotary Club Sofia International and Donation End Polio Now (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalOn 23 October 2019 the agenda of Rotary Club Sofia International was very special, short and simple – Oktoberfest in the cozy atmosphere of Bitburger Keller. We gathered more than 20 people, where the present friends from the club and our guests enjoyed the traditional delicious German specialties and, of course, some of the best German beer brands. It was definitely a nice party and all we had a good time and a lot of fun.

Of course one of our main Rotarian causes was not forgotten even in this festive night. The International Polio Day was a perfect opportunity for donations and our donation box “End Polio Now” was put in use again. The exact amount collected during the Oktoberfest and on the meeting on 16 October, when our President Mr. Kertev made a presentation on the topic,  will be announced during the next regular meeting of the club when the donation box will be opened. The amount collected will be donated to the End Polio Fund where it will be tripled by the Foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Regarding our project for delivery of school furniture form Asbach, Germany we have found a company ready to sponsor the transport costs from Asbach to Sofia with an amount of 5,000 BGN. 

Well done to the organizers of the evening – our President Mr. Kertev and our Secretary Mrs. Malchevska. We all had a great night.

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(18 Oct) Sofia Owls – Paralympic Volleyball Team with First Training Session (+GAL)

On 18 October 2019 the first Sofia Owls Sitting Volleyball Club’s training session took place in the University of Mining and Geology. 

Special thanks to our Past President – Mr. Enrico Repouz, who have made all of this possible. It all started as an idea of Enrico about one year ago and now we have a club set up and first game played for people with disabilities.

Rotary Club Sofia International has established a “sitting volleyball club” called “Sofia Owls”, a non-profit organization. The club is funded by Rotary Club Sofia International, donations and sponsors.

The club’s goal is to create perspectives, teach theory, practice & exercise regularly, demystify obstacles, coach physically and mentally, create necessary environment (league) to practice new skill sets, encourage transfer in sports.

Sofia Owls is the first Paralympic volleyball team in Bulgaria.

Why are we doing that? Due to:

  • lack of integration of
    people with disabilities,
  • ethnic background, to transcend
    border of able & disable sports, overcome stigma of disability
  • foster positive energy,
    create job opportunities
  • help to self-help and
    due to lack of perspective for disabled children
  • hope through role-models.

Rules to play the game: 6 players; must have at least one buttock in contact with the floor whenever they make contact with the ball. It is also possible to block the serve and jousts are generally replayed. The playground is 10 x 6 meters with a 2-meter attack line. The net is 7 meters long & 0.80 meters wide; suspended at 1.15 meters height (men). Who can play? Athletes with amputations, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, brain injuries and stroke are eligible to compete in sitting volleyball.

There are no athlete classifications by disability. Anyone can become a member of “Sofia Owls”; disabled and able-body people alike. Our goals: be an example, forge a team of able and disable athletes, start the ball rolling others will follow, co-found other sitting Volleyball clubs in Bulgaria, create a league, create jobs for support personnel and players alike, involve other Rotary Clubs, create national team for sitting volleyball, Olympic participation 2024 in Paris.

Anyone who is willing to join is welcome. And all Rotary clubs can contact us for additional information and support in setting up such teams.

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We meet on Wednesday at 18:45 in
Hilton Sofia, 1 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia.

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