(29 Nov) Induction of New Member, Ms. Elisaveta Lachina and Presentation by Domagoj Stefan (+GAL)

With great joy and celebration, we are delighted to share the highlights from our recent Rotary Club Sofia International meeting. Once again, we came together, united by the spirit of Rotary, to focus on the Rotarian message and our collective commitment to giving and uplifting those deserving of our caring service for a brighter future.

Our gathering commenced with the uplifting opening of the Four-Way Test, extending a warm welcome to all who attended. In this meeting, we welcomed Ms. Elisaveta Lachina into our Rotarian family. Her deep engagement in our shared ideals brings hope that, through our collective efforts, we can make the world a better place. We eagerly anticipate her positive contributions to our club’s mission, which is poised to benefit not only our local societies but the world at large.

A highlight of the evening was the interesting presentation by Mr. Domagoj Stefan on his homeland, Croatia. Despite living in Bulgaria for over a decade, Domagoj’s roots and love for Croatia’s history shone through his words, providing us with an insightful perspective on Croatia’s most important highlights from history that make it the European country it is now.

Our President was happy to announce the great news that the Rotary Friendship Exchange, which took place in June in Germany, has begun to bear fruit. Mr. Dale, Ms. Hristova, and Mr. Halil participated and were warmly welcomed by the Rotarians in Germany. They attended the District Conference, visited Rotary clubs, and traveled among the cities in District 1950. More information HERE.

A few days ago, Rotary Club Dupnitsa received 34 fully equipped beds and a sonographer for ultrasound diagnostics for the hospital in Dupnitsa. The donation is thanks to our friends from District 1950 and, of course, with the support of our dear friend Mrs. Christine Büring. Soon, more good news will come for the next delivery! More information about the wonderful program can be read HERE.

Following the meeting, the spirit of Rotary continued to thrive during our social fellowship, reinforcing the bonds of friendship and shared purpose that make our Rotary community truly special. As we look ahead, our next meeting on December 6th marks Election Day for the club at the Hilton Hotel, followed by our cherished Christmas gathering at “Unica” on December 13th.

We extend our sincere gratitude to every Rotary Club in Bulgaria for the invitations to their Christmas gatherings. Our members hold each cause in high regard, and we are committed to providing our contributions as we strive to make valuable connections and create hope in the world.

In the true spirit of Rotary, let us continue to connect, give, and uplift, ensuring that our collective efforts create a positive impact far beyond our immediate communities.

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(25 Nov) Wine and Friendship evening, organised by Rotary Club Harmanli (+GAL)

Over the weekend, Ms. Ani Hristova and Ms. Elisaveta Lachina participated in this year’s special annual occasion of the Rotary Club Harmanli. The event focused on fostering friendships and celebrating our collective efforts to bring about positive change in society and the world. With over 280 participants from Rotary Clubs in Bulgaria, along with guests from Rotary Club Edirne, Turkey, they joined forces in providing free screenings for the diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer.

The night’s program was filled with delightful surprises. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy the songs of the Harmanlian nightingales under the direction of Zheko Angelov. An auction featuring a barrel of red wine as the grand prize, as well as a raffle, added to the excitement.

The highlight of the evening was the renowned Bulgarian singer, Mrs. Silvia Katzarova, a friend of Ms. Hristova. Mrs. Katzarova’s songs were enchanting, and all the guests thoroughly enjoyed the musical performance.

Special gratitude is extended to the club’s President, Dr. Stefka Zdravkova, Mr. Galin Karagyozov, Mrs. Krasimira Petrova, and all the members of the club for contributing to making this Rotary event a story that Creates Hope in the World.

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(22 Nov) Rotary Club Sofia International 8th Regular Interactive Meeting, Welcome Mr. Gregory Sharpe to our Family and NLP Presentation by Mr. Anders Nielsen (+GAL)

Delighted to share highlights from our recent interactive gathering at the Hilton Hotel, where the spirit of Rotary shone brightly. President, Mr. Grant Dale welcomed members and set the tone with a four-way values test. The meeting commenced with the introduction of our distinguished guests from Rotaract Club, setting the stage for a memorable occasion.

A particularly special moment was the induction of our new member, Mr. Gregory Sharpe. We eagerly anticipate his contributions, confident that his commitment to service above self will enrich our fellowship.

Our esteemed member, Mr. Anders Nielsen, presented a thought-provoking session on Neurolinguistic Programming, guiding us on identifying patterns and modifying our thinking for a more positive outlook. It was a valuable exploration that resonated with the essence of Rotary principles.

Ms. Veronika Botsova from Rotaract Sofia-Vitosha shared an exciting opportunity happening in Sofia from January 25th to 29th. Bulgaria is hosting the European Rotaract meeting, “One Step Closer,” uniting Rotaractors from 48 countries to support the world registry for potential stem cell donors. Let us rally together, as Rotarians, to amplify our support for these passionate young Rotaract members shaping our future.

Highlighting the Christmas spirit, charity homes around Sofia are actively generating gifts and donations for families in need. Our own Rotary House at the Christmas Bazaar near the National Palace of Culture throughout December provides an avenue for both donations and personal involvement. Additionally, our Christmas gathering at “Unica” restaurant on December 13th promises to be a festive occasion filled with togetherness.

A heartfelt gratitude to each of you for being an integral part of the Rotary journey. Together, we look forward to numerous opportunities to serve, connect, and make a positive impact on the world.

This week we are sharing a story some of you may find united to join a project supporting a 43-year-old woman battling multiple sclerosis for 13 years. Her appeal for help in continuing rehabilitation and therapy resonates with our commitment to making a difference. Each member has the power to contribute small or big, providing the life-sustaining support she urgently needs. – CREATE HOPE in the WORLD…

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(15 Nov) Rotary 7th Regular Meeting. Bond with with Rotary Club Cubao-Quezon City (QC) Philippines and Induction of Dr. Nikolay Tzaribachev (+GAL)

We joyfully reflect on the moments shared during our recent gathering, the 7th joint regular meeting of our club. This gathering was a memorable occasion to once again come closer to our Rotary’s rich traditions and dedicated projects. It also marked a unique occasion as we connected virtually with our friends from Rotary Club Cubao Quezon City (QC) Philippines, fostering a hybrid bond that transcends geographical boundaries.

In the spirit of greater fellowship, at 1:00 am Philippine local time, the members of Cubao Club passionately shared their impactful social projects and the noble act of uplifting their community, bringing hope to local children and those in need. The connection made was more than virtual; it was a bridge between hearts committed to service.

Our discussions, filled with enthusiasm, delved into future projects, laying the foundation for a fruitful collaboration after the Cubao Club’s earlier visit to Sofia. President Mr. Michael Mendoza Garcia and members extended invitations to join their on-site meetings and participate in the Rotary International Convention next year in Singapore. The prospect of mutual support and the exchange of ideas between our two clubs is an exciting journey that promises to benefit not only our societies but the world at large.

Special thanks to Mrs. Veronica Yu for organizing. See you soon, dear friends!

A particularly special moment unfolded during this meeting as we belatedly welcomed Dr. Nikolay Tzaribachev into our Rotarian family. His heartfelt speech detailing his journey into the realm of Rotary moved us all, and we anticipate his positive contributions to our club’s mission of service.

The evening continued with delightful social fellowship, reinforcing the bonds of friendship that make Rotary a truly special community. Looking ahead to our upcoming meeting on the 22nd set to take place in the Hilton Hotel where we will be inducting a new member and having a guest lecturer – our friend Mr. Anders Nielsen who will present us his meaningful experience with NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming, followed by our cherished Christmas gathering at “Unica” on the 13th of December.

A special thank you goes to President Mr. Grant Dale for steadfastly keeping the spirit alive throughout the entire meeting. Gratitude is extended to every Rotarian member who attended, showcasing that through these shared moments, we, our societies, the people we dedicate ourselves to, and the world as a whole, are undeniably made better.

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(8 Nov) Rotary Club Sofia International’s Oktoberfest (+GAL)

On November 8th, Rotary Club Sofia International continued its cherished tradition by celebrating Oktoberfest at Die Alte Lampe, the renowned German beer garden known as “Lanterns.” Our President, Mr. Grant Dale, extended a warm welcome to an array of guests and members, with participation from our Rotaract Club. It was a delightful surprise to learn that one of our newest members, Ms. Letizia Aedico, hails from Germany.

We were delighted to welcome Mr. Pierre and Mrs. Nataliya Guggenheim, esteemed friends of Mr. Claude Badan, as well as Mrs. Desislava Gakova, Mr. Christoph Plate, and our regular guests, Mrs. Gergana Taseva and Mr. Greg Sharpe.

Oktoberfest, a cherished tradition in Germany, filled our club with joy through its delectable German cuisine, delightful beer, and, most importantly, the delightful moments shared among us. Laughter and conversations flowed freely in this wonderful atmosphere.

A special note of appreciation goes to Ms. Ani Hristova for her outstanding work in organizing this memorable event.

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(4 Nov) 90 Years of Rotary in Bulgaria (+GAL)

On the 4th of November, the celebration of 90 years of Rotary in Bulgaria took place at the Hyatt Hotel Sofia. The event commenced with a round table discussion on the topic of “Demographic Crisis in Bulgaria,” featuring two panels.

The first panel addressed the demographic crisis in connection with the quality of healthcare, death rates, and birth rates of the population. It highlighted good practices and solutions based on applied reforms in the healthcare system in the Netherlands. Guest speakers included Prof. Hristo Hinkov, the acting Minister of Healthcare; Prof. Stoicho Kacarov, Minister of Healthcare from 2021 to 2022; and Prof. Ab Clink, who served as the Minister of Healthcare in the Netherlands from 2007 to 2010.

The second panel focused on the demographic crisis in Bulgaria concerning quality education, the decrease of migration, and retaining human capital in the country. Guest speakers for this panel were Assoc. Prof. Georgi Bardarov, an author and the head of Socio-economic Geography at the Geological Department of Sofia University, and Assoc. Prof. Krasen Stanchev, a professor in the field of Public Administration at the Philosophy Department of Sofia University.

The lectures were highly engaging and sparked active discussions after both panels.

Throughout the evening, an exhibition showcasing the history of Rotary in Bulgaria was on display. The event also featured a Gala Dinner with an auction and raffle for a charitable cause – supporting a young Bulgarian in realizing a scholarship in the Raina Kabaivanska program in Italy.

District Governor Hristo Mihailovsky presented the history of Rotary in Bulgaria during the evening, and there was a friendship exchange with special guests who attended the event, including District Governors from Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Moldova, and others. Rotarians from France, Greece, and various other countries also participated, alongside numerous Rotarians from all over the country. The event saw the participation of more than 220 people.

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(25 Oct) Rotary 5th Regular Meeting and Welcoming of H.E. Mrs. Hoefter Zuccoli (+GAL)

In the true spirit of Rotary, we are delighted to share the highlights of our recent 5th joint regular meeting with the Sovereign Order of Malta. This exceptional gathering took place at the Hilton Hotel Sofia, marking another milestone in our commitment to service and fellowship.

The evening commenced with an official opening by our newest member, Mr. Domagoj Stefan, who set the tone for the meeting with his enthusiasm and dedication. President, Mr. Grant Dale extended a warm welcome to our distinguished guests, embodying the very essence of Rotary service for this year – the belief that through unity and shared purpose, we can create hope in the world.


We were honored to receive invitations from two fellow Rotary Clubs, RC Harmanli and RC Gotse Delchev, who are celebrating both the joys of wine and friendship and the remarkable 15-year journey of RC Gotse Delchev. It is a testament to the enduring spirit of Rotary that we continue to forge connections and celebrate milestones together.

At the heart of our meeting was our acknowledgment of the Rehabilitation Center for Children with Oncohematologic Diseases. We take immense pride in our recent contribution to this worthy cause, a testament to our commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Our Past President Ms. Ani Hristova, shared her enriching experience of an exchange dinner hosted by Rotary Club Chisinau Moldova. Among the distinguished guests were the President of the club, Mrs. Marina Teleaga, the Assistant District Governor, Mr. Dmitri Popa, Secretary Mrs. Silvia Volosatii, and the attendees of the Excellence in Music gala event that was a occasion to reinforced our belief in the power of international connections and sustaining culture and art.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the presentation by H.E. Mrs. Hoefter Zuccoli, the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta. Her dedication to serving the needy, disabled, homeless, children, and the sick both in Bulgaria and around the world was truly inspiring. The Sovereign Order of Malta, with its rich 900-year history and a presence in Bulgaria since 2005, has thousands of members and volunteers engaged in hundreds of projects. These include providing essential medical and humanitarian aid in emergency situations, offering meals to the homeless, and donating vital medical equipment. Our club was moved by the Order’s commitment to serve those in need and supply essential resources in Bulgaria. The Order of Malta in Bulgaria is working exclusively through the Embassy and the many faithful and motivated volunteers.

This joint meeting provided a valuable opportunity for both Rotary Club Sofia International and the Sovereign Order of Malta to exchange project ideas and find common ground for future collaborations. It reaffirmed our shared mission of working together to serve others, demonstrating that when we unite in the spirit of service above self, we can achieve remarkable things.

The evening continued with delightful social fellowship, reinforcing the bonds of friendship that make Rotary so special. As we look forward to our next meeting on the 8th of November, we eagerly anticipate our sixth regular gathering, which will take place outside the Hilton at De Alte Lampe. This event will serve as a belated celebration of Oktoberfest, in honor of our German friends.

Thank you for being a part of our Rotary journey, and we look forward to many more opportunities to serve, connect, and make a positive impact on the world together.

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(18 Oct) Meeting with the District Governor, Mr. Christo Mihailovsky, and Acceptance of Two New Members (+GAL)

We are happy to share with you a wonderful, joint meeting of the Rotary Club Gorna Banya, Rotary Club Sofia Capital, Rotary Club Sofia Center, Rotary Club Bankya and us – Rotary Club Sofia International with the District Governor 2023/2024, Mr. Christo Mihailovsky.

Our host was Rotary Club Gorna Banya in Restaurant “Face bar and dinner” and the President, Mr. Christo Georgiev welcomed all Rotarians and guests.

It was amazing to see all the friends from different clubs united under the Rotarian idea.

The opening presentation was given by District Governor, Mr. Christo Mihailovsky, sharing the foundation and development of Rotary in Bulgaria. Further he focused on the demographic crisis in Bulgaria due to low birthrate, high mortality and emigration, which topics will be further discussed.

Every club presented past and ongoing projects, also emphasizing the need to attract young people to join us.

It was a special honor for the two new Rotary Club members, both from Rotary Club Sofia International: Mr. Domagoj Stefan and Dr. Nikolay Tzaribachev to receive their Rotary pins from the District Governor.

Welcome to the family of Rotary Club Sofia International, dear friends.

The night continued with interesting conversations and a friendly atmosphere.

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(11 Oct) Regular Meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International & Presentation by Mr. Serkan Halil (+GAL)

Rotary convened at the Hilton Hotel for their regular meeting. At this meeting we welcomed the guests: Mr. Christoph Plate, Mrs. Gergana Taseva, Mrs. Tasia Tasova, Mr. Greg Sharp and Dr. Markus Kroeger.

The highlight of the meeting was the induction of 2 new members into our fellowship: Dr. Nikolay Tzaribachev and Mr. Domagoj Stefan. We wish them a fulfilling and mutually beneficial association in our Rotary family.

Our guest presenter was Mr. Serkan Halil, who delivered a stimulating talk on Building Trust & Providing Value – System, Product, and Person Certification. The value of accredited certification was impressed on the attendees. All in attendance received the presentation well, and Mr. Halil was thanked (and questioned profusely) by the audience.

Club announcements were made concerning upcoming events. The decision of the board to support the Rehabilitation Center for Children recovering from Oncohematological Diseases, with a donation towards helping to realize their Photovoltaic Plant (to ensure their sustainability) was also announced!

The fellowship continued after the close of formal proceedings.

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(14 Oct) New Rotarian Seminar and Interact Assembly in Harmanli (+GAL)

“Create Hope in the World,” says Rotary International President-Elect R. Gordon R. McInally.

The Rotary Club Harmanli and Interact Club Harmanli had the honor of hosting the Interact Club District Assembly and New Rotarian Training Seminar on October 14, 2023, in the city of Harmanli. The event was attended by representatives from the District Board, including Mr. Christo Mihailovsky – DG, Mrs. Violina Kostova – PDG, Mrs. Maria Belinski – chairperson of the committee, and many members from Interact, Rotaract, and Rotary.

The New Rotarian Seminar serves as a platform for new and enthusiastic Rotary club members to come together, share ideas, gain inspiration, and exchange experiences. This forum provides an excellent opportunity to foster new friendships and gain deeper insights into Rotary’s goals and challenges.

Throughout the day, Rotarians and interactors from all across Bulgaria shared their experiences and ideas, aiming to make a positive impact on society in the coming year and, of course, to continue their active efforts in making the world a better place to live.

The second event during this brief yet emotionally charged weekend was the “Assembly of Interact Clubs.” This gathering brought together ambitious young individuals, the future leaders, who are dedicated to improving the world with the support of Rotary. The event provided a unique opportunity for learning and idea exchange. We have faith in our young interactors and take pride in their dedication and commitment.

Both events were held simultaneously at the local community center “Druzhba,” which further strengthened the unity between the younger generations and the more experienced Rotarians.

Of course, the evening was marked by a gala dinner featuring a rich program of songs and dances, organized by the interactors. Our hosts for the evening were “The Tales” Complex in the city of Harmanli.

The Rotary Club Harmanli and Interact Club Harmanli extend their special gratitude to District 2482 and District Governor Mr. Christo Mihailovsky for their trust and the opportunity to organize such a large-scale District event.

Let us continue working together to make a meaningful difference and promote Rotary values in our society.

Our newest member Mr. Serkan Halil took part in the New Rotarian Seminar. We are proud of you, dear friend!

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We meet on Wednesday at 18:45 in
Hilton Sofia, 1 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia.

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