(15 Mar) Disaster Aid Project Presentation (+GAL)

Disaster Aid ProjectDisaster Aid project presentation was hosted on 15 March 2021. Rotary Club Burgas, Rotary Club Burgas Pyrgos, Rotary Club Burgas – Primorie were the organizers of the event. Mrs Irena Brichta, Past District Governor of the Czech Republic and Slovakia District and member of Rotary Club Prague International aided by Mr Sruart presented the program. Disaster Aid International’s aim is to supply clean water for those who do not have access to it.

Lots of families around the world do not have access to good quality water. The project through the use of the SkyHydrant™ is trying to solve this issue. SkyHydrant™ is an extremely effective filter removing contaminated particles in water, including disease carrying bacteria. Each SkyHydrant™ costs around $ 5,000. The SkyHydrants can provide 10 000 liters of clean water per day.

Our friends from Disaster Aid Project in Europe have already helped with purifying the water after the earthquake in Albania, as well as, after the explosions in Beirut.

The program is looking for ambassador in each country, including also Bulgaria.

More information about the project can be found in the videos here and here.

The Past President of Rotary Club Sofia International Ms. Ani Hristova attended the presentation. She presented a brief summary of project to the members of the club during the regular online meeting.

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(26 Jan) Online Meeting with Rotary Club Hod-Hacarmel

Meeting Rotary Club Hod-HacarmelAn online meeting with Rotary Club Hod-Hacarmel, Israel, with President Mr. David Afek took place on 26 January 2021. The President and several members of Rotary Club Sofia International attended the meeting. The ICC Israel Bulgaria Committee Coordinator and members of the committee also participated. The District Governor of Rotary Israel together with a Bulgarian born lecturer spoke about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The meeting laid the foundation for cooperation between Rotary Club Sofia International and Rotary Club Hod-Hacarmel. The two Presidents presented the activities and the projects of their clubs. It turned out that both clubs successfully realized medical supplies donation for hospitals projects during the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from the historical ties and friendship between Israel and Bulgaria, the similar projects realized by the two clubs are a solid ground to start working towards a deeper cooperation. Both presidents expressed their willingness to further work in this direction.

As the meeting was held on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the main topic was an extensive lecture on the Holocaust by a Bulgarian born speaker in Hebrew. Mr. Naftali Hillel, born in Vidin, Bulgaria presented a brief history of his birthplace country. He gratefully underlined in his presentation the saving of the Bulgarian Jews during the WWII by the Bulgarian authorities under the pressure of the society.

The online meeting with Rotary Club Hod-Hacarmel ended with a desire from both clubs to meet again soon.

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(23 Jan) Donation for Zlatograd Hospital

Donation Zlatograd Hospital

Donation for Zlatograd Hospital by Rotary Club Sofia International in cooperation with Rotary Club Zlatograd-Nedelino took place on 23 January 2021. The two clubs handed out medical supplies for Zlatograd Hospital MBAL “Prof. Dr Asen Shopov”. The donation is for more than 6000 BGN. It consists of contactless thermometers, protective shields, disinfectants, protective overshoe supplies, protective aprons, gloves and bedlinen. The project realization was possible thanks to the individual contributions of members of the club (Mrs. Linda Kim, Mr. Claude and Mrs. Inna Badan, Mr. Jorg Shenk, Mr. Marc Bouzy). We also received a kind donation from Rotary Club Paris Agora, France. The remaining amount was drawn form the club’s funds.

The handover of the supplies was at the hospital in Zlatograd. Numerous members of Rotary Club Sofia International were present – Mrs Hristina Malchevska, President Elect 2021-2022, Ms Ani Hristova, Past President, Ms Elena Vasileva, Secretary Elect 2021-2022. Members of Rotary Club Zlatograd-Nedelino – Mr Emil Pashov, Past President, Mr Emil Pehlivanov, President also were there. The director of the Zlatograd Hospital, Dr Lyudmil Lichev, expressed his gratitude for the donations.

In the past two years Rotary Club Sofia International supported hospitals in in Shumen, Targovishte and Razgrad by providing medical equipment from Austria. A project in cooperation with Rotary Club Korneuburg and Rotary Club Klosterneuburg. Rotary Club Sofia International is pleased to continue with the medical donation activities this year, with the current project in support of a local municipal hospital in Zlatograd during the difficult pandemic period.

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(11 Nov) Ronald McDonald Foundation Presentation at Online Meeting

Ronald McDonald Foundation PresentationRonald McDonald Foundation presentation at a regular online meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International took place on Wednesday, 11 November 2020. It was presented by our friend and President Elect Mrs. Hristina Malchevska.

There were 13 club members and the President Elect of Rotary Club Sofia Serdika attending the online meeting.

The meeting started with an update on the club’s project proposals for fundraising. Most of the projects are still in planning phase. More details will be available once the projects are conceptualized.

Next topic was concerning the positive steps being made with our Rotaract Club Sofia International in regards to restarting the club’s activities. Its financial stability also was elaborated upon.

Further on the President updated the participants on the ongoing developments and negotiations with software service providers. These are aiming at helping the club to digitalize its life in the situation of Covid-19 Pandemic.

The highlight of the meeting was a very interesting Ronald McDonald Foundation presentation delivered our friend Mrs. Hristina Malchevska.

The next meeting of the club will be held again online on 18 November 2020 from 18:45 h. All friends are welcome to join. Details on our website.

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(4 Nov) Regular 2in1 Meeting – Face-to-Face and Online

Regular 2in1 meetingRegular 2in1 meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International on Wednesday 4 November 2020. The meeting was held in Hilton Sofia and online simultaneously. It was the first of its kind mixed type of meeting, due to the COVID 19 situation.

The meeting started with updates on our international cooperation. The  ongoing developments with Rotary Club Zurich International for the support of MED-Bul Project. The continuous developments with opportunities for cooperation with Rotary Club Paris Agora and Rotary Club Ferney Voltaire from France. We also discussed about how to enhance the opportunities from the ICC Bulgaria-Germany cooperation.

We continued with prioritization of the projects our club will support this Rotarian year. The main ones are support for the school in Rakovitsa, support for the orientation club in Elena, support for the Zlatograd Hospital.

Later our friends Ms. Ani Hristova and Mrs. Hristina Malchevska shared an interesting opportunity for cooperation with the “Teddy Bear” Association in Bulgaria. It is a platform for kids, old people and people with special needs, who need help. Ani and Hristina proposed to join efforts with this Association by supporting some of their causes either as a club or personally. Rakovitsa school project will also be put in that platform.

An important topic which we deliberated on is the club life during Covid-19 Pandemic. We as friends must protect each other and our families. In this respect, it is wiser to switch more and more to an online meeting environment, and online organization of tasks, administration, projects. Thus, till the end of December 2020 there will be no meetings held in Hilton Sofia. Few digital tools presented by our president could make the club life possible and more interactive during this online period. 

We also considered ideas how to further optimize our club’s website and improve the visibility of the projects on which we are working and improve the fundraising process.

Furthermore, we were glad to speak about the very positive development of our Rotaract Club Sofia International and the plan for ongoing active cooperation with them.

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(28 Oct) Traditional Oktoberfest of Rotary Club Sofia International

Traditional OktoberfestThe traditional Oktoberfest of Rotary Club Sofia International this year was on 28 October 2020. It took place in a nice cozy restaurant – Die Alte Lampe – German beer garden “Lanterns” in Lozenets district in Sofia. Our dear friend Mr. Rumen Rusinov was the main organizer and as usual he did a fantastic job.

It is an annual tradition of our club to celebrate Oktoberfest in a different and pleasant ambience featuring nice German beer.

We had a great time together with our fellow Rotarian friends and guests. Apart from the members present, we had the pleasure to be together this evening with our Rotaractors and with fellow Rotarians from Rotary Club Sofia Center. Moreover we were honored by the visit regular guests of our club.

We all had a pleasant dinner together enjoying delicious traditional bratwurst, potatoes and cabbage in addition to the variety of German beer. It was great to meet each other in person, get to know new friends and spend quality time together.

At the end we took joint photos to keep the memories of our 2020 traditional Oktoberfest evening celebration.

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(21 Oct) Online Regular Meeting

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalOnline regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International took place on Wednesday 21 October 2020. It was the club’s fourth meeting for this Rotarian season. The meeting was online, as it is planned in our plan and schedule for conducting meetings.

We had 12 club members attending. The meeting started with the announcement of the planned events of our club for the Rotarian. The first one is the traditional Oktoberfest of the club. The plans for 2021 include a Wine Fundraising Event in March. Another event would be the Petanque Tournament in April together with Rotary Club Samokov and Rotary Club Paris Agora from France. A Sitting Volleyball tournament, together with our sitting volleyball team Sofia Owls in May will increase awareness for this initiative of the club. Finally a French Night is planed together with the handover ceremony of the presidents of the club in June. All events will, of course, depend on the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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(Oct 7) Organizational Matters Discussed at Regular Meeting (+GAL)

Organizational Matters Discussed at Regular Meeting by President Marc BouzyOrganizational matters discussed at Rotary Club Sofia International’s regular meeting in Hilton Sofia on 7 October 2020.

During the meeting there were updates on the progress of the important topics for the club. Improvements are already implemented on the back-end of our webpage. Additionally, the developments on the common project with Rotary Club Zurich International for our MED-Bul Project, for donation of medical equipment from Swiss Hospitals to hospitals in Bulgaria. Also, the positive developments of potential common projects with other clubs in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. We also discussed some other aspects of the club activities. Namely, the preparation for our annual fundraising events and the Christmas Parity of the club. These will be finalized during the next board meeting, later this month.

We also tried to find an optimal solution for our outside of Hilton Sofia monthly meetings. Likewise, how to harness and improve the effectiveness of our monthly online meetings, by inviting foreign clubs to join and discuss potential collaborative projects together.

Later, Mrs. Ani Hristova shared with the members her recollections from the visit to Rotary Club Sofia’s exhibition in Largo Sofia. The experience was very nice with numerous Rotary friends present. During her visit Ani used the opportunity to invite fellow Rotarians to our meetings. The exhibition is available at least for the next week, so everyone interested can visit.

Our friends Mrs. Hrsitina Malchevska and Mr. Yordan Dukov proposed to onboard two new initiatives. One for support for a school in the small town of Rakovitsa in North-West of Bulgaria. The other for support of the revival of the orienteering club in Elena. Actions are to be taken on both opportunities. All friends are, in the meantime, invited to help. For additional questions and comments, please, contact our club at info@rc-si.org.

We closed Rotary Club Sofia International’s regular meeting devoted to organizational matters. 

Our next meeting will be held on 14 October 2020 in Hilton Sofia. Starting time is 18.45 and all members and friends are invited to join us. 

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(4 Oct) Our Members Participated in a Garage Sale Project (+GAL)

Garage SaleOur members participated in a Garage Sale project of Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire. The event took place on Sunday, 4 October 2020 in Ferney-Voltaire in France. It was a fundraising action of selling goods that the members of the club do not need any more. At the Garage Sale, or Vide Grenier in French, our friends were able to collect around 600 EUR.

Ferney-Voltaire is a small city situated in Eastern France. It is situated next to the border with Switzerland. It forms part of the metropolitan area of Geneva. The club there was chartered by District 1910 in 1996. Today the club has 22 members.

Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire organized this event for collection of funds for the organization Aide Gessienne. It helps deprived people in the region of Ferney-Voltaire. This assistance is especially needed now during the pandemic times.

Inna and Claude Badan, Rotary Club Sofia International members, participated in the Garage Sale project. Inna and Claude contribute to the fundraising activities of Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire not for the first time. You can recall their involvements here and here.

Rotary Club Sofia International members wish the fellows of Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire health and prosperity. We also hope they will realize many more successful fundraising projects. Our friends Inna and Claude are always there to help, when they are in the region.

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(1 Oct) Exhibition What Rotarians Did for Their City by Rotary Club Sofia (+GAL)

ExhibitionExhibition What Rotarians Did for Their City by Rotary Club Sofia opened on 1 October 2020. It is hosted in the exhibition hall under the domes of Largo in Sofia and is accessible to visitors.

The exhibition presents 18 posters. They show the contribution of the oldest Rotary club in Bulgaria – Rotary Club Sofia – and its members, to the development of our capital. The main projects of the club are presented. These are related to better education and literacy, protection of children’s and mother’s health, work with young people, prevention of significant diseases, landscaping, support of science and culture, improvement of road safety, assistance provided to the cultural institutions of Sofia municipality.

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(Jun 16) The regular meeting will be online. You can join us HERE.

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