(1 Jul) Official Handover Ceremony (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalOfficial handover ceremony of Rotary Club Sofia International between the current President Mr. Plamen Kertev and the inauguration and the new President for year 2020/2021, Mr. Marc Bouzy, took place in the pleasant atmosphere of the Season’s restaurant garden in Hilton Sofia.

The meeting started with a speech by our current President Mr. Plamen Kertev. He kindly presented the projects and events realized and supported during his Rotarian year. He expressed his sincere gratitude to all members who contributed to the successful Rotarian year with their donations, active work, and positive energy. This year proved again that with active participation of numerous club members we can achieve a lot.

The year of Plamen’s presidency was marked with the global COVID-19 pandemic. Thus the efforts of the President were focused on uniting the club and reviving the meetings via online platforms. This enabled the club to continue operations and even allowed for realizations of a few projects. More on these here and here.

Afterwards a welcome speech of our new President – Mr. Marc Bouzy followed. He kindly thanked Plamen for his successful year and contribution to the club and granted him with a gift. Marc also expressed his gratitude to the club for giving their trust and electing him as the new President. Considering the worldwide Coronavirus situation, the coming Rotarian year brings uncertainties. However, now we have all the tools to meet, realize projects, and contribute to the society despite COVID-19.

Marc concluded the official handover ceremony on a note that the venue for the informal weekly summer meetings of the club will be Club of the Architects restaurant, on 11, Krakra Str., Sofia. These will take place every Wednesday at 7 pm. Members and guests alike are welcome to join.

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(30 Jun) A Respirator Monitor Donation to „St. Sofia“ Hospital (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalA respirator monitor donation to the First Therapeutic Clinic of the Specialized Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases “St. Sofia” was realized by Rotary Club Sofia International on 30 June 2020.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic the members of Rotary Club Sofia International feel it is their duty to help local hospitals and provide support where it is most needed. Therefore, the club undertook several COVID-19 related projects. Already two food donations were completed. And now we supported the Specialized Hospital for Pulmonary Diseases St. Sofia with a respirator monitor donation. The equipment is needed to complement existing respirator for treating patients with respiratory insufficiency. The total cost of the medical equipment is 2400 BGN.

The project would not have been possible without the professional supervision of Dr. Tanya Benisheva and the generous donation by Mrs. Linda Kim. The monitor was delivered on 30 June 2020. A official handover took place with the President of Rotary Club Sofia International, Mr. Plamen Kertev and the head of the First Therapeutic Clinic Ass. Prof. Petrov. While receiving the donation, he expressed his sincere gratitude for the good deed of the club.

The donation of the monitor is a continuation of the project of 9 Sofia Rotary Clubs, which in May donated a device for the needs of patients with respiratory diseases.

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(17 Jun) Meeting at The Architects Club (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalMeeting at The Architects Club restaurant instead of the regular gathering in Hilton Sofia took place on 17 June 2020. 12 members of the club attended the dinner and we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Plamen Latev, a guest of our member Mrs. Elena Vassileva.

It was our first club meeting at The Architects Club. A cozy restaurant with prefect location and amazing cuisine. The place was very well accepted by the attending friends. During the diner we had the chance to discuss some of our past projects, such as the MED-Bul one, and to plan for future ones.

It was a nice experience and wonderful time to enjoy the Rotary fellowship in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

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(10 Jun) First Face-to-Face Regular Meeting after the Lockdown (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalThe first face-to-face regular meeting after the COVID-19 lockdown in the home base of Rotary Club Sofia International – Hilton Sofia – took place on 10 June 2020. It was wonderful to meet in person fellow Rotarian friends and guests. 

As usual, the meeting started with welcoming words from the President, Mr,. Kertev. Afterwards, he gave the floor to our Rotaract guests to provide an update on the revival of the Rotaract Club Sofia International activities. Mr. Claudio Mascolo, President of our Rotaract club, explained that the club already has 10 new members. He went on by congratulating the two ladies – Ms. Radina Moskova, President of the club 2020/2021 and Ms. Nevena Ivanova, Secretary 2020/2021, for the great job of attracting new members. He also expressed his gratitude to them for being so active and trying to complete all the formalities in order for the club to resume its normal operation. Rotaract Club Sofia International has already started online meetings every Sunday. The face-to-face meetings will resume soon on Thursdays, 18.45 h. with a temporarily venue. Rotaractors expressed that they will be honored to visit our club’s meetings more often. They even suggested to be our guests. once a month, to exchange ideas, get inspiration for their projects and activities.

Last but not least, before the end of this first face-to-face regular meeting, Inna and Claude Baden, our dear friends who are now in Switzerland sent their warmest regards to all club members. We all look forward to see them in person upon their return to Bulgaria.

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(16 Apr) Donation of Food Supplies for Orthodox Easter (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalDonation of food supplies for Orthodox Easter by Rotary Club Sofia International to Together for Serdika (Initiative Committee) again. We at Rotary Club Sofia International recognize the need for continued support of individuals and families in need of food during these trying times. A one time donation, though well intended, can potentially have little impact on people’s lives. Since Rotary is committed to helping people in less fortunate circumstances we made it our goal in this project to extend this help throughout this crisis to the best of our ability.

This week for the Orthodox Easter we purchased: 120 bottles of cooking oil, 44 bottles of pasta sauce, 67 cans of meat. These items were then taken to a local community depot organized by Mrs. Ralitsa Botina.

Care packages are then put together from all of the donations of food supplies for the week and then delivered to those people and families in dire need of assistance. The repackaging and distribution is organised by  Together for Serdika (Initiative Committee) and are delivered in the following neighborhoods: Orlandovtsi, Banishora, Fondovi zhilishta and Benkovski. 

Further help is needed for this project. Please, contact the organizers – Together for Serdika (Initiative Committee) – for details. Alternatively you can reach Rotary Club Sofia International at: info@rc-si.org

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(9 Apr) Rotary Club Sofia International Donated Food Supplies (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalRotary Club Sofia International donated vital food products for people in need. The initiative was organized with the support of Together for Serdika (Initiative Committee). On 9 April 2020 Mrs. Kim, Ms. Hristova and Mr. Dale gathered (while maintaining a socially responsible distance from each other) at a well known grocery store. There they purchased a large amount of items for less privileged members of the society. This initiative was facilitated by a very generous donation by our friends Mrs. Inna Badan and Mr. Claude Badan and orchestrated by Mrs. Linda Kim.

The team acquired 120 packets of pasta, 36 packets of rice, 120 bars of soap, 36 bottles of cooking oil, 60 packets of flour and 60 packets of lentils. These were then taken to a local community depot organised by Mrs. Ralitsa Botina and Mr. Mladen Mitev from Together for Serdika (Initiative Committee). The initiative committee is also supported by the Mayor of the Serdika region, Sofia.

The products will be repacked into individual care packages. Then these will be distributed to people in need in the neighborhoods: Orlandovtsi, Banishora, Fondovi zhilishta and Benkovski.

Further help is needed for this initiative. Please, contact the organizers  – Together for Serdika (Initiative Committee) – for details. Alternatively you can reach Rotary Club Sofia International at info@rc-si.org.

We hope to be able to continue with this initiative during the course of this crisis. Thus demonstrating Rotary’s commitment to helping people in less fortunate circumstances.

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(11 Mar) SALOON – American Pub Hosted the Rotary Club Sofia International Regular Meeting (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalSALOON – American Pub were kind hosts of the Rotary Club Sofia International’s regular meeting on 11 March 2020. The authentic decor of the venue lent itself to great photo opportunities to all and really enhanced the fellowship of the meeting. This coupled with amazing food and service was poignantly to mark the end of our normal regular meetings owing to the global virus pandemic. Our club President alluded to this possibility at the meeting. Later that week it became official. Currently we use a virtual platform to continue our meetings to adhere to the social distancing guidelines. The spirit of Rotary prevails, however!





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(4 Mar) Results from 15th Anniversary Announced at Regular Meeting (+GAL)

Results form the 15th Anniversary of Rotary Club Sofia International fundraiser were announced at a regular meeting of the club. The meeting was held on 4 March 2020 in Hilton Sofia as usual.  The entire evening was dedicated to presenting the results of the Birthday celebration of the club on 27 February 2020 in Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall.

After the official opening and the 4-Way-Test, the President presented the balance of the 15th Anniversary event. He was pleased and proud to share the financial results, which show that the event was very successful. We have been able to collect for our projects more than 8000 BGN. 

The proceedings from the event will be dedicated mainly to our core club’s project “Sofia Owls” Volleyball club for people with disabilities.

After the financial balance was presented, the President expressed personally his gratitude to the organizational committee and all Rotary members from our club involved in the organization and realization of the event. He also showed high appreciation to our club members active participation and involvement during  the event itself, which contributed to the successful outcome.

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(27 Feb) Happy 15 Birthday Rotary Club Sofia International

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalThe 15 Birthday of Rotary Club Sofia International took place on 27 February 2020. The hosts of this celebration were Oborishte 5 Gallery and Hall.

More than 120 guest were present, among which the Ambassador of Netherlands and our dear Rotary member and friend H.E. Mrs. Bea Ten Tusscher, the Counsellor/Charge d’Affaires of Embassy of Pakistan H.E. Mr. Marwan Alex Ayyash, Mr. George Spassov, Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Sudan in Sofia, Mrs. Nina Miteva, Past District Governor of Rotary Bulgaria.

The evening started with a cello performance by Mrs. Magdalena Petrovich. Afterwards the event continued with introductory words by the President, Mr. Plamen Kertev. He welcomed the guests, presented the club and its most successful projects. A congratulatory letter by the Mayor of Sofia followed. After, Mr. Enrico Repouz presented the main cause of the club – “Sofia Owls”.

A fundraising auction and raffle also followed.

The amount collected at the 15 Birthday of Rotary Club Sofia International reached approximately 8 000 BGN.

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(19 Feb) Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Human Body (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia InternationalTraditional Chinese Medicine for the Human Body presentation by the club’s member Dr. Tessy Tian, PHD was the topic of the regular meeting on 19 February 2020. The meeting itself was held in the home base Hilton Sofia. All present members and guests were moved by Dessy’s presentation, which was very interesting and practical.

Dessy has presented herself, her educational journey in traditional Chinese and Western medicine, As well she gave an overview of traditional Chinese medicine. She went on to explain the different techniques and practices, that keep human body and soul healthy and help longevity. It was curious for all present to learn the impact of different emotions on the different parts of the human body.

Mrs. Dessy Tian with her family have a clinic in Sofia. And for more than 20 years and it has been successfully helping many people to gain, maintain and improve health condition through the traditional Chinese medicine.

After the presentation of Dessy a long and exciting Q&A session followed.

Afterwards the President expressed gratitude to Linda for hosting the Swiss fondue night last Wednesday. Big thanks also to Claude, Inna, and Ani for assisting our hostess. They all contributed to a very pleasant evening.

15th Anniversary of Rotary Club Sofia International‘s organizational matters were also discussed, such as items for the auction and raffle, sponsors, scenario.

The fellowship continued in an informal atmosphere after the official part.

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(Jan 20) The regular meeting will be online. You can join us HERE.

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