(9 Jan) Rotary Club Sofia International is 14 Years Old and Has a New Member (+GAL)

The first regular meeting for 2019 was held on 9 January in Hilton Sofia. The attendance was great and the meeting was very enjoyable, thanks to all, who actively participated in the discussions.

As a regular guest we had again Mrs. Bea Ten Tusscher.

Highlight of the evening was the acceptance of Mr. Yordan Dukov as a member of our Club. We welcomed our new member coming from Rotaract Club Sofia International, just two days before we become 14 Year years old. Our club was inaugurated on 11 January 2005.

Our member Linda suggested to invite all members to a Swiss Fondue Night at her home on 23 January and to have our regular meeting in a private atmosphere to discuss our 15 years Anniversary Party and many other club and life topics. Everyone agreed to organize the dinner event at our host Linda.

Our President Enrico gave an update on the donation to “National Fund Saint Nicola” Foundation for winter boots for children. Other topics followed, like organization issues around the “Wine It!” 2019 fundraiser event which will be held on 14 March 2019.

After the official part we had great time again in the lobby of Hilton Sofia.

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(22 Dec) Successful Project Realization with “National Fund St. Nicola” Foundation (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International’s President, Mr. Repouz together, with our member Mr. Simon visited on 22 December an orphanage in city of Roman, North Western Bulgaria, one of the poorest regions of the country.

The visit was a follow up on a call for help from “National Fund Saint Nicola” Foundation for fitting the kids form the home for children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities with winter boots. In total 360 children’s are in need. 45 of the kids have already been carried for by our club, which willingly undertook this project was able to raise money for 90 pairs of boots.


Our members were warmly welcomed by the kids, who have prepared a welcome sign, music program, and handmade crafts with which they surprised Mr. Repouz and Mr. Simon.

You can support the Foundation by donating here:
Procredit Bank
For “National Fund St. Nicola” Foundation

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(19 Dec): Last Meeting for 2018 at the “German Christmas Market” (+GAL)

The last meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International for 2018 has been held on 19 December at the German Christmas Market in the City Garden of Sofia, near Alexander Battenberg Square.

The mulled wine, the numerous delicacies and the cozy atmosphere of this already traditional market contributed to the festive mood of more than 15 Club members and guests who attended the meeting.

Despite the low temperature, 2 hours passed unnoticeably and after many Christmas and New Year’s wishes the Rotarian friends parted till next regular meeting on 9 January 2019 at Hilton Sofia.

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(12 Dec) Presentations by Dr. Tatyana Benisheva on “Self-Medication and Off-Label Use” (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International’s last official meeting for the calendar 2018 was held on 12 December in Hilton Sofia. We had the honor and privilege to welcome as guests Mr. Ilian Madjarov, a long time member of our club and now a Secretary and a founding member of Rotary Club Tallinn Global, Mr. Maxim Minkov from Rotary Club Sofia Tangra, Mrs. Elisaveta Belobradova and Mrs. Krasimira Hadjiivanova from “Ole Male”.

The President Mr. Enrico Repouz reported on the successful initiative with “National Fund St. Nicola” Foundation who approached us with a request to sponsor 15 children with physical and cognitive disabilities by purchasing winter boots for them. Rotary Club Sofia International and its members were able to raise an amount with which we were actually able to purchase 45 pairs of boots for 45 kids. In addition one of our members will donate a large amount of children’s clothes to the foundation.

The meeting continued with a presentation by our member and Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Drug Information Prof. Dr. Tatyana Benisheva on the topic of self medication and use of off-label medicine. Later on Mrs. Elisaveta Belobradova and Mrs. Krasimira Hadjiivanova presented their social enterprise “Ole Male” – helping mothers of disabled children to work and support themselves.

Mr. Maxim Minkov from Rotary Club Tangra called for donation of obsolete computers, which are to be refurbished and donated to schools, youth centers, etc. nation-wide.

After the official part of the meeting, the fellowship continued in the lobby bar of the hotel, where the discussions on the topics raised during the meeting continued.

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(5 Dec) Rotary Club Sofia International Annual Elections (+GAL)

On 5 December 2018 Rotary Club Sofia International held its elections for Board members for next Rotarian year 2019-2020 and for President Elect for 2020-2021.

The election for president for 2020/2021 could not take place due to lack of quorum. We will fine-tune our internal rules and change the election quota for President. The election for president was postponed to mid of February 2019. 

Board members for Rotarian year 2019-2020 are:
– Mrs. Hristina Malchevska
– Ms. Ani Hristova
– Mr. Marc Bouzy
– Mr. Jörg Schenk
– Mr. Svetozar Shkoutov
Additionally members of the Board for 2019-2020 are also:
– Mr. Enrico Repouz (President 2018-2019)
– Mr. Plamen Kertev (President Elect 2019-2020)
they will be joined by the President Nominee 2020-2021.

This board will support Mr. Plamen Kertev (President Elect 2019/2020). Congratulations to all elected.

Another important news was announced for Mr. Yordan Doukov (Rotaract), has been proposed to become a full-fledged member of the club. Yordan has been a regular visitor to our meetings and events alike. The board has unanimously approved his application and he would officially be accepted as member on 9 January 2019 at our regular meeting.

After the official elections we continued our conversations in the lobby bar of the hotel.

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(1 Dec) The Traditional Wine and Friendship Event by Rotary Club Harmanli Attended by Members of our Club (+GAL)

The traditional Wine and Friendship event organized by Rotary Club Harmanli for 15th year took place in Prikazkite restaurant in Harmanli on 1 December 2018. Our Past President Ms. Hristova and our Secretary Mr. Rusinov attended the event and were joined by our past member, now member of Rotary Club Troyan – Mr. Cris Biemod.

The party is also a fundraising event and the money collected will go for the realization of the project of the host club “The School – an Attractive Center for our Children”, which will constitute of construction of a multi-functional playground in the yard of “Ivan Vazov” primary school in Harmanli.

The celebration of the friendship actually started at 14:00 o’clock with a bus tour to Villa Bassarea and later to wine cellar Malkata Zvezda

After the wine tour the program continued in the restaurant, where the host of the evening – the actor Mr. Yordan Danchev – opened the program a short sketch, which lifted up the mood of the audience and invited the President of Rotary Club Harmanli, Mr. Galin Karagyozov, to welcome the 240 guests. 

The floor was then given to the District Governor of D-2482 Bulgaria, Mr. Vesselin Dimitrov who awarded the Past President of Rotary Club Harmanli – Mr. Gosho Jelev – with a certificate from Mr. Ian H.S. Riseley, President 2017-2018 of Rotary International. Mr. Dimitrov also presented Paul Harris Fellow certificates to Mr. Karagyozov and to Dr. Angelov.

The evening continued with songs and dances form the kids from “Harmanli Slavei” and from dance ensemble “Horishtenci”, followed by “Mega Dance” ballet group.

The fundraising raffle auction brought 8,885 BGN to be used for the afore mentioned project.

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NEXT (19 Dec): Last Meeting for the Year at the “German Christmas Market”

The last meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International for 2018 will be on 19 December 2018. The meeting venue will be the “German Christmas Market” in the City Garden near Alexander Battenberg Square (Location: https://goo.gl/maps/C1KXemoAJfk).
Please confirm your participation here: https://doodle.com/poll/avmkbgbdwrh6z5bv.
Please bring warm clothes, good spirit, friends & family.

(28 Nov) Christmas Party of Rotary Club Sofia International (+GAL)

On 28 November Rotary Club Sofia International held its Christmas party at Bodega Ranchero Steakhouse in Sofia. A wonderful evening, filled with good energy, much fun, and a proper start into the holiday season.

Contribution for the good mood had our guests: Mr. Yordan Dukov and Ms. Yulia Oleynik, Mr. Gabriel Lukov and Mrs. Ruksina Basheva from Rotaract Club Sofia, Mr. Christoph Glaser – General manager of Hilton Sofia, Mr. Carlos Arellano from Internations, Mr. Nico Jahn (Publicis), Mr. Charles and Mrs. Heather Keavney.

Some people deserve special mentioning: We are grateful to Mrs. Svetlana Bozhilova, she has organized and coordinated the event. Special gratitude to Mr. Claude Badan who has brought us the finest men perfume and most delicious dates from Riyadh which were the highlight of the auction. It is indeed very difficult to find handy bottles of the preciously distilled oils. Mr. Svetozar Shkoutov donated incredible high-end items and from Audi, among which was mobile-charger in stainless steel a thermo-cup in porcelain and many other great items. Thanks to Mr. Horst Stueer and Mr. Plamen Kerteff for the champagne. A very big thank you to Lufthansa for helping us with wonderful items, time and again they fetched as usual at high amount.

We would like to thank Mrs. Linda Kim and point out her eager participation in the auction. Besides donating wonderful items – Swiss Army knives – she actually did bid out most people and thus fetched a good amount for the club – thank you Linda for being such a good sport. Linda was closely followed by Mrs. Vessela Schenk.

Last but not least a very, very big thank you goes to Mr. Jörg Schenk – besides donating a good amount of accessories he turned this auction into a funny and very profitable occasion.

Thank you to all who have donated and participated We collected 2,150 BGN, winch we will be used in our club projects.

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(21 Nov) Rotary Club Sofia International was Bestowed an Award for its Efforts 2017/2018 – Being One of the Most Active Clubs (+GAL)

On our regular meeting held on 21st of November 2018 was announced that our club was awarded for its efforts in 2017/2018 as being one of the most active clubs. Only 213 worldwide clubs were bestowed with such a distinction.

As a guest the club members welcomed Mr. Diego Apicella, Rotary Club Genova, Italy and Mr. Yordan Dukov – Rotaract.

Members were requested to bring items for the auction of the upcoming Christmas party of the club on 28 Nov. 2018 and to invite as many as possible guests.

At the meeting future fundraising events were discussed and especially the idea to focus on one sustainable cause. Our club is looking for a single, long term goal, that the entire club will embrace and support. 

Our club member Ms. Slavena Savkova made a brief explanatory presentation about her previous’ clubs effort, where Rotary Club Sofia Balkan started funding disabled people wishing to play basketball. 

The topic for the upcoming elections for President and board scheduled was discussed as well. Members were advised that in line with our tradition the President for 2020/2021 ought to be a foreigner.

Two more reports followed: The Ambassador of Kingdom of Morocco to Bulgaria – H.E. Mrs. Zakia El Midaoui invited the Rotary Clubs from Sofia to her Residency. Our club was represented by Ms. Slavena Savkova.

The second report was for Rotary Club Veliko Tarnovo’s Celebration of 80th Birthday. Our club was represented by Ms. Ani Hristova. More information on the event here: https://rc-si.org/new/?p=16489

After the official part was closed, the fellowship continued in the lobby bar of the hotel.

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(16-18 Nov) Rotary Club Sofia International Member Attends the Rotary Foundation Seminar and 80 years of Rotary Club Veliko Tarnovo (+GAL)

The Rotary Foundation Seminar this year was combined with the celebration of the 80th Birthday of Rotary Club Veliko Tarnovo and was attended by Ms. Ani Hristova, Past President of our club.

On 16 November the host club organized a concert attended by more than 2,000 guests. During that concert more than 2,000 BGN were collected for the project of the club. This same evening Rotary Club Veliko Tarnovo they announced the winners of the two painting competitions they have organized – “Veliko Tarnovo – My Inspiration” and “My City of Tarnovo”. The evening concluded with a dinner and  the “Sound and Light Show”.

The Rotary Foundation Seminar of District 2482 was held on 17 November in Sevastokrator Hotel & SPA in Arbanasi. Mr. Veselin Dimitrov, District Governor of District 2482 opened the seminar, followed by a welcome from Mr. Rosen Velikov, President of Rotary Club Veliko Tarnovo.

The first lecture was made by Mrs. Nina Miteva, Assistant Zone Coordinator of Rotary Foundation with topic: “How the Rotary Foundation Changes the Fates of the People. The Club’s Projects – Inspiration and Opportunity.” She used as a positive example the Rotary Peace Fellow Alumna Ms. Silvia Nitsova, who was nominated by Rotary Club Sofia International and has successfully completed the program in one of the Rotary Peace Centers.

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