(Jan 10) Regular Meeting and a Presentation by H. E. Mr. Eric S. Rubin (+GAL)

The first regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International for 2018 has been held on 10 January at the Hilton Sofia. The president of the club Ms. Ani Hristova started with welcoming our guests. After that she continued with best wishes to our friends Alberto Staykov, Claude and Jörg who had their birthdays around Christmas and New Year. 

The focal point of the agenda this evening was the lecture by H.E. Eric S. Rubin, Ambassador of the United States of America to Bulgaria. H. E. Mr. Rubin has been warmly welcomed with applause by the club members. The official part started after the performance of the National Anthems of Republic of Bulgaria and the United States of America. Mr. Rubin thanked for the invitation to be a guest of Rotary Club Sofia International and explained, that he knows a lot about Rotary for he used to be a guest lector to many clubs in the countries (Honduras, Ukraine, Thailand) where he served as a career foreign service officer.

He briefed about the American-Bulgarian relations – history, current status and prospects. 

In his lecture Ambassador Rubin focused on the bilateral co-operation in the field of economy, culture and education. At the end he also answered some questions asked by the Rotarians and guests, regarding the US investments to Bulgaria, energy supply diversification, visa arrangements etc. 

After the lecture some gifts have been bestowed to the Ambassador – a basket with advertising materials of J.C.Newman Cigar Company, from their distributors on the Bulgarian Market and our sponsors Vega Star Trading. Another gift was art photography made by our friend Alberto Staykov (Graphya Foundation), when he visited the USA. H. E. also received a traditional mug with the logo of Rotary of our club.

After the official meeting was over we continued our networking in the lobby of Hilton Sofia.

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(Dec 20) Christmas Party of Rotary Club Sofia International (+GAL)

On 20 December 2017 Rotary Club Sofia International held his Christmas party in Bodega Restaurant, on 6 Tsar Asen Str. in Sofia. More than 30 guests, members and friends gathered to celebrate the end of a successful half Rotarian year.

The evening was full of surprises. The first one quite unexpected, as there was electricity power cut in the restaurant for more than an hour. The staff reacted immediately, providing candles, which turned the atmosphere to a cosy and romantic one. This combined with the Spanish guitar player provided as a special compliment to our Club by the Restaurant’s management made it quite an enjoyable hour .

The next surprise was when our friend, the actor, Mr. Yordan Danchev made a few team building games. The first one tested whether we can trust each other and  in reality it proved that the fellowship in our club is indeed is a strong and trustworthy one.

The evening continued with more games, which made some of us cry from laughter. We all had a great time together. This fantastic evening also reminded us what an incredible team we are in Rotary Club Sofia International.

The party continued with tasty traditional Spanish dinner and drinks, of course accompanied by our own Spanish guitar player.

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(Dec 13) RC Sofia International Elected Board 2018-2019 and President Elect 2019-2020 (+GAL)

Today, 13 December 2017, Rotary Club Sofia International held its elections for the Board of the club for 2018-2019 Rotarian year and for President Elect 2019-2020. The following members were elected:

President Elect 2019-2020:
– Mr. Plamen Kertev

Board members for Rotarian year 2018-2019:
– Mr. Jörg Schenk
– Mr. Marc Bouzy
– Mr. Rumen Rusinov
– Mr. Grant Dale
– Mr. Svetozar Shkoutov

Additionally members of the Board for 2018-2019 are also:
– Ms. Ani Hristova (Past President 2017-2018)
– Mr. Enrico Repouz (President 2018-2019)
– Mr. Plamen Kertev (President Elect 2019-2020)

Congratulations to all elected.

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(Dec 11) RC Sofia International Member Visits RC Flensburg (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International’s President Ms. Ani Hristova visited Rotary Club Flensburg on 11 December 2017. The 59 years old Rotary Club held its Elections Meeting and half year reporting meeting on this date.

The President Mr. Ruprecht Leiß, the President Elect Mr. Jürgen Bethge, Mr. Peter Lind who is in charge of relations with all German Rotary Clubs and for the German-Danish partnerships, the Secretary, the Cashier and all members warmly welcomed Ms. Hristova.

The Cashier reported on the financial situation and presented his half year report to the present. After that the President Elect selected his board members and assigned them to their positions.

Flensburg is an artistic city and this is also reflected in the Rotary Club. The President is a painter, the President Elect is an actor. Ani’s friends, who she visited in Flensburg are also artists, famous and popular in the city – Mr. Nikolay Iliev and Ms. Tanja Probst. They are ballet dancers and were the soloists in the Theater of Flensburg. Now they are focused on realizing their own projects.

Ani would like to thank the members of Rotary Club Flensburg for their hospitality and promises to visit them soon again.

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(6 Dec) Regular Meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International

Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular weekly meeting on 6 December 2017 at the Hilton hotel. As an exception  the meeting was led by the secretary of the club Mr. Plamen Kertev and started with internal announcements and a brief update of the club affairs. Then some members shared their impressions from the Christmas Ball of the Sofia Rotary Clubs held on 1 December, where 27 members and guests of the club participated.
The next weekly meeting on 13 December was announced as closed as it will be entirely dedicated to the elections of president (2019-2020) and board (2018-2019) of the club. After closing of the official part the fellowship continued with informal conversations.

(1 Dec) Christmas Ball of the Sofia Rotary Clubs (+GAL)

On 1 December 2017 in Sofia Hotel Balkan the Christmas Ball of the Rotary Clubs in Sofia was held. The evening started with the host of the ball Mr. Yordan Aleksiev inviting all the 11 Presidents of the Sofia Clubs to the stage to ring the bell for the opening of the event. The opening ceremony continued with the national anthem and the anthem of Rotary Bulgaria sang by Mr. Vassil Petrov. After that the floor was given to the District Governor Mr. Emil Kotsev, who welcomed the present Rotarians and guest.

The Big Band Blagoevgrad, conducted by Mr. Bobi Yanev, the soloist of band Mrs. Hristina Paleva, and Mr. Vassil Petrov took care for the good mood of the guests.

Rotary Club Sofia International was amongst the best represented clubs with 27 guests, who danced, sang, and enjoyed the evening together with all the present Rotarians and guests.

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(1 Dec) International Day of AIDS/HIV in Medical Academy of Sofia (+GAL)

The project of Rotaract Club Sofia International about the International Day of AIDS/HIV Awareness was carried out with a remarkable success. The event gave the opportunity for the community of the Medical University to come together and to remember some basic facts about the virus. Our Rotaractors express their gratitude to Rotary Club Sofia International for the noteworthy support and wish to specially thank the main Rotarian supporter of this project, Mr. Grant Dale.




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(29 Nov) Regular Meeting and Presentation by Mr. Claude Badan (+GAL)

The weekly meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International was held in the regular place Hilton Sofia Hotel on 29 November 2017.

We had the immense pleasure to welcome as guests Mr. Claudio Mascolo – President of Rotaract Club Sofia International and Ms. Viktoria Papas – Secretary of Rotaract Club Sofia International.

After the internal announcements, the floor was open for one of our newest members, Mr. Claude Badan. He gave an interesting insight to the world of aviation in Kazakhstan. Not only did he show us the challenges of modernizing the infrastructure of the airports, but he also gave us an insight in the aviation industry as a whole and in the beautiful Kazakhstan.

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(25 Nov) Rotary Club Sofia International Members Attend Rotary Foundation Seminar (+GAL)

The Rotary Foundation Seminar of D 2482 was held on 25 November in Imperial Hotel in Plovdiv.  Mr. Emil Kotsev, District Governor of D 2482 opened the Seminar, followed by a welcome by the host club. The seminar was attended by Ms. Ani Hristova and Ms. Slavena Savkova.

Special guest was Mrs. Yehim Yoney from Turkey. The seminar was split in a theoretical and practical parts. After the closure of the official part, the day continued with the Festival of Young Wine in the Old Town of Plovdiv. Nearly 40 participants presented their produce and over 18 000 visitors tasted the Bulgarian young wine.

Later in the evening the busy day concluded with the Birthday Party of Rotary Club Plovdiv Puldin, who celebrated their 16th year.

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(22 Nov) Regular Meeting of the Club at Saloon – American Pub

On 22 November 2017 Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular weekly meeting in Saloon – American Pub in Bankya. The restaurant is a partner of Rotary Club Sofia International in almost every initiative and in event, which we organize. The members were joined by family members and friends. We also had the pleasure to welcme a guest from Rotary Club Tampere-Tammerfors (D-1390), Mr. Ilkka Sasi. All present enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts, and savored the unique Tex-Mex cuisine that the restaurant offers – unique salads, appetizers, the specialty of the place – ribs with Jack Daniels Sauce, and of course homemade cheesecake for dessert.
What a wonderful evening, with many smiles, good food and unique atmosphere.

We meet on Wednesday at 18:45 in
Hilton Sofia, 1 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia.

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