(29 Nov) Regular Meeting and Presentation by Mr. Claude Badan (+GAL)

The weekly meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International was held in the regular place Hilton Sofia Hotel on 29 November 2017.

We had the immense pleasure to welcome as guests Mr. Claudio Mascolo – President of Rotaract Club Sofia International and Ms. Viktoria Papas – Secretary of Rotaract Club Sofia International.

After the internal announcements, the floor was open for one of our newest members, Mr. Claude Badan. He gave an interesting insight to the world of aviation in Kazakhstan. Not only did he show us the challenges of modernizing the infrastructure of the airports, but he also gave us an insight in the aviation industry as a whole and in the beautiful Kazakhstan.

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(25 Nov) Rotary Club Sofia International Members Attend Rotary Foundation Seminar (+GAL)

The Rotary Foundation Seminar of D 2482 was held on 25 November in Imperial Hotel in Plovdiv.  Mr. Emil Kotsev, District Governor of D 2482 opened the Seminar, followed by a welcome by the host club. The seminar was attended by Ms. Ani Hristova and Ms. Slavena Savkova.

Special guest was Mrs. Yehim Yoney from Turkey. The seminar was split in a theoretical and practical parts. After the closure of the official part, the day continued with the Festival of Young Wine in the Old Town of Plovdiv. Nearly 40 participants presented their produce and over 18 000 visitors tasted the Bulgarian young wine.

Later in the evening the busy day concluded with the Birthday Party of Rotary Club Plovdiv Puldin, who celebrated their 16th year.

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(22 Nov) Regular Meeting of the Club at Saloon – American Pub

On 22 November 2017 Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular weekly meeting in Saloon – American Pub in Bankya. The restaurant is a partner of Rotary Club Sofia International in almost every initiative and in event, which we organize. The members were joined by family members and friends. We also had the pleasure to welcme a guest from Rotary Club Tampere-Tammerfors (D-1390), Mr. Ilkka Sasi. All present enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts, and savored the unique Tex-Mex cuisine that the restaurant offers – unique salads, appetizers, the specialty of the place – ribs with Jack Daniels Sauce, and of course homemade cheesecake for dessert.
What a wonderful evening, with many smiles, good food and unique atmosphere.

(15 Nov) Regular Meeting and a Presentation by Mr. Ivaylo Shopski (+GAL)

The weekly regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International in Hilton Sofia was held on 15 November 2017. We welcomed Mrs. Rita Malvone from Rotary Club Shanghai, Dr. Raouf Abdallaoui Maane form Rotary Club Fes, Mr. Dino Giacobbi, and Ms. Maria Miteva.

Our member Horst Schmidt had his 50+ birthday and this was celebrated with singing “Happy Birthday” by all the present.

After the birthday wishes for health and prosperity, the President exchanged flags with Dr. Raouf Abdallaoui Maane and with Mrs. Rita Malvone

Our presenter for the evening was of Mr. Ivailo Shopski who presented his initiative called “The traveling community center” The presentation was supported with translation by our Member Mrs. Hristina Malchevska. Mr. Shopksi shared also that he has founded a campus for youngsters in Borovets where kids can learn all kind of useful knowledge including Physics, Biology and History. Furthermore his foundation has a regular radio show on 2 local radio stations and a regularly updated you tube channel.


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(8 Nov) New Member Acceptance and a Presentation by Mr. Cris Biemond (+GAL)

On 8 November 2017 Rotary Club International held its regular meeting in Hilton Sofia and welcomed Mrs. Zlatka Yaramova, Mr. Jo Van Baelenberghe, Mr. Yordan Goleminov as guests.

The meeting started with internal announcements. Then the floor was given to Mr. Badan to tell us about the visit together with his wife and our member of a meeting of Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire in District 1710.

Later on the President announced with joy that Mr. Plamen Lazarov has arranged a laptop for the use of the club, so future lecturers can use this when presenting in front of our members and guests.

The meeting continued with the acceptance of our regular guest Mr. Thomas Westerhoven as a member of the club. His sponsor – Mr. Horst Schmidt give him the Rotary pin and wised him to wear it with pride.

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(1 Nov) Regular Meeting and Presentation by Dr.H.C. Peter Simon About Private Piloting (+GAL)

The weekly meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International took place in Hilton Sofia on 1 November 2017. We had the pleasure to welcome Mr. Daniel Vu, CEO at Veblen, as a guest of the club.

Before the official meeting the board has had their regular meeting. Ms. Hristova announced briefly the decisions, taken during the board meeting. Mr. Schenk updated us about the Christmas Ball of the Sofia Rotary Clubs, which will be held on 1 December 2017.

After the announcements Dr.H.C. Mr. Peter Simon took off with his presentation about private piloting. Peter showed us how much freedom it gives him to fly and also showed us the amount of theory and practical lessons are necessary before a one can be a pilot.

When the official part finished, the fellowship concluded in the lobby bar.

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(25 Oct) Regular Meeting and Presentation by Mr. Mehrdad Meghdadi, Director of “Aryanco” (+GAL)

The weekly regular meeting of the Rotary Club Sofia International was held in Hilton on 25 October 2017.  We welcomed a number of guests: Thomas Westerhoven, Mr. Mehrdad Meghdadi, Director of “Aryanco”, Mr. an Mrs. Thomas and Vassiliki Typaldos from Rotary Club Lefkada in Greece.

After the announcements and the flag exchange ceremony between Ms. Hristova and Mr. Typaldos, our secretary – Mr. Plamen Kertev – announced that 2 youngsters from our Vocational Training Project for the kids form Doganovo have started driving lessons for obtaining professional category.

The presentation for this evening was given by Mr. Mehrdad Meghdadi, Director of “Aryanco”. Mr. Meghdadi is original from Iran, but lives in Bulgaria for 2 years. He started up an enterprise that produces traditional Iranian/Persian Ceramics and pottery. He explained about the material, how are they made, and his idea to teach people in Bulgaria to produce them locally. Unique masterpieces made of ceramics and wood have been shown, all of them an outstanding result of a 3000 years old ancient tradition.

After the official part of the meeting the fellowship continued in the lobby with our guests and friends.

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(23 Oct) RC Sofia International Members Visited Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire

On 23th October our club members Inna and Claude Badan visited a meeting of the Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire in District 1710.
Ferney-Voltaire is a small city situated in eastern France, next to the border with Switzerland and forms part of the metropolitan area of Geneva. The club received its charter from district 1910 in 1996. Today the club has 22 members. More information you can find on http://www.ferney-voltaire.rotary1710.org
Mr. Badan send greetings from Rotary Club Sofia International and exchanged the clubs’ banner with the President of Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire.

(18 Oct) New Member Acceptance Followed by a Presentation on Double Helix – 7 Art Project (+GAL)

The regular weekly meeting of  Rotary Club Sofia International was held in Hilton Sofia on 18 October 2017. We were honored to welcome Mrs. Pepi Nesheva, Mrs. Zhivka Nikolova, and our friend and regular guest Mr. Thomas Westerhoven.

The meeting started as usual with a brief update on the internal affairs, some announcements and invitations. After that we had the privilege of accepting Ms. Panagiota Angelopoulou, the Past President of our Rotaract Club Sofia International, into our midst as member or Rotary Club Sofia International.

Special speaker of this evening was one of our esteemed members and President Elect Mr. Enrico Repouz. 

Mr. Repouz is the founder and creative head of Architechnicals, a Bulgarian architecture firm. He presented with verve his social project called “Double Helix – 7“. This is a Pan European art project for the unity of Europe exposing populistic rhetoric. It is a project he undertakes together with the painter Mr. Ruprecht von Kaufman. This is a special project that celebrates and visualizes the benefits of the European unity through visual and artistic expression.

After the fascinating presentation, the fellowship continued with drinks in the lobby, as usual.

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(11 Oct) District Governor Emil Kotsev Visits the Club at a Regular Meeting (+GAL)

As usual, the regular weekly meeting of the Rotary club Sofia International was held at Hilton Sofia. Among the honored guest were: Mr. Emil Kotsev – District Governor of District 2482., Mr. Evgeni Makaveev – Assistant District Governor of District 2482 Zone I, and Mr. Konstantin Yanakiev – Assistant District Governor of District 2482 Zone II. From Our Rotaract Club we hosted: Claudio – President, Victotria – Secretary, Ermia, Polivius and Filippo.

The President, Ms. Ani Hristova opened the meeting by welcoming the members and guests. She informed the present, that Ramla Rotary Club in Israel had the privilege to toast in honor of our club in their last meeting and they are forwarding their club’s blessings to us.

Ms. Ani Hristova asked all members and guests to have a toast for Ramla Rotary Club in Israel to whom we extend our greetings and best wishes. Ms. Hristova asked everyone to also toast Rotary Club Astana International and their President Mr. Taylan Karamanli. Ms. Ani Hristova thanked him for his support in transferring Inna and Claude Badan to our club. 

After the internal affairs and the announcements the District Governor – Mr. Emil Kotsev took the floor. He held a presentation for the first time in English, to honor our club, whose official language is English. Mr. Kotsev stressed the importance of a strong Rotary organisation and the importance of creating new projects and introduced a check list to evaluate our club. Mr. Kotsev has all confidence that our club has all the requirements to pass this check list.

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We meet on Wednesday at 18:45 in
Hilton Sofia, 1 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia.

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