(19 May) Charter Party of Rotary Club Plovdiv International (+GAL)

The Charter Party of Rotary Club Plovdiv International has been held on 19 May 2108 at Ramada Plovdiv Trimontium Hotel.

Rotary Club Plovdiv International became the newest Rotary club in District 2482, the fourth in city of Plovdiv, and the the second English speaking in the District.

The event was attended by the District Governor – Mr. Emil Kotsev, the Past District Governors – Mr. Nasko Nachev, Mrs. Nina Miteva, and Mr. Dimitar Dimitrov, District Governor Elect – Mr. Vesselin Dimitrov, District Governor Nominee – Mr. Ilian Nikolov, Mrs Savina Petkova – Chairman of the Municipal Council – Plovdiv, as well as many friends from clubs from around the country, and many friends from abroad.

Our President – Ms. Ani Hristova was there with our soon to be a member Mrs. Linda Kim, and with the dear friend of our club – Mrs. Dessy Tian.

The present from Rotary Club Sofia was made by the kids from the Association “Children with Oncohematologic Diseases”, which she bought at a charity auction on one of their events. The present is a jar with an owl – our logo and the symbol of wisdom. Our president also proposed that they can use it to collect money from their members, who at the end of each meeting share for what they have been thankful. Each member who wishes to thank for something is supposed to put a coin in the jar.

Their Charter President Assoc. Prof. Mr. Dimitar Pazardzhkiliev MD received the congratulations from all the guests on behalf of the newest club in the District.

Dear friends from Rotary Club Plovdiv International, we wish you a lot of success.

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(19 May) Rotary Club Sofia International Helps Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire (+GAL)

Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire (France) organized on Saturday 19 May 2018 a fundraising action by selling second hand books. Our members and friends Inna and Claude Badan joined our fellows the full day.

The President of Rotary Club Ferney-Voltaire thanks for the support received form Rotary Club Sofia International.





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(16 May) Regular Meeting and Presentation by Mr. Alberto Staykov of the National Polytechnical Museum (+GAL)

The regular meeting of the club took place on 16 May in Hilton Sofia. Among our regular guests we had he pleasure to welcome Mr. Jamie Sanabria Tapias, from Columbia, who presented himself and all present welcomed him.

Before the regular meeting the Board held a meeting and Ms. Hristova updated the members about the decisions taken. The main topic was the traditional Whisky Tasting Fundraising Evening, which this year will be held on 7 June 2018 in Bodega Tsar Asen on 6, Tsar Asen Str. in Sofia. You can already reserve your place at info@rc-si.org.

After that Mr. Stüer updates us about on the progress of the project with DEBRA Bulgaria – for medical supplies for the “Butterfly Kids”. Thanks to the involvement of Mr. Stüer we were able to achieve good discounts and buy much more goods with the money collected at our Wine Evening on 15 March 2018.

After shareing the latest invitations we have received, Mrs Hristova gave the floor to Mr. Alberto Staykov who presented the National Polytechnical Museum.

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(15 March) One More Successful Edition of “Wine It!” – the Fundraising Wine Event of the Club (+GAL)

The annual Wine It! fundraising evening took place on 15 March 2018 at 19:00 in Ranchero Steakhouse by Bodega. The funds collected during the initiative will be used for supplies for the butterfly people – suffering from Bullous Epidermolysis, the beneficiary organization is the association DEBRA Bulgaria. We managed to raise 3,900.oo BGN for our cause.

Rotary Club Sofia International would like to thank all of the kind sponsors of the event:

1. Vinprom Rousse
2. Via Vinera Karabunar Estate
3. Tatratea
4. Chateau Copsa
5. Manolev Winery
6. Menada Winery
7. Asen Milchev
8. Saloon-American Pub
9. Hilton Sofia
10. Graphya Ltd.
11. Ranchero Steakhouse by Bodega – our Hosts

We would like to also thank all the friends and guests who attended and supported the cause.

Stay tuned for more details on the realization of the project with DEBRA Bulgaria.

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(10 May) Rotarians, Young Life Bulgaria Foundation, and Friends Bring Smiles to Children with Oncohematological Diseases at Queen Giovanna Hospital (ISUL) (+GAL)

On 10 May 2018 Rotarians form Rotary Club Sofia International, friends and regular guests of the club and the friends from Young Life Bulgaria Foundation met with children at Queen Giovanna Hospital (ISUL).

Young Life brought two guitars, puppets, games and skits to brighten the children’s day. The children on their side with their courage and zest for life brightened our day. At the end it was the children who stole the show dancing, singing, and even replacing the friends with the puppets. We met mothers and grandmothers who laughed and even shed a few tears through their smiles as their children and grandchildren enjoyed the attention. “Everyday I pray for a miracle for my grandson,” one grandmother said to our group. “And then I look at my grandchild and see the miracle in him.”

Rotary Club Sofia International would like to thank once again our member Mr. Tony Ripley and his team from Young Life Bulgaria Foundation. The thanks extend to also to our club President – Ms. Ani Hristova, who came up with the idea and coordinated the entire organization. Of course we would also like to thank our members Mrs. Snezhana Doncheva, Mr. Plamen Kertev, Mr. Marc Bouzy, and to our friends Linda, Dessy, and Lilly.

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(9 May) Regular Meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International (+GAL)

On 9 May Rotary Club Sofia International held its weekly regular meeting at Hilton Sofia. Among our regular guests we had he pleasure to welcome our newest guest Mr. Yordan Dukoff.

The president, Ms. Hristova opened the meeting and shared numerous invitations we have received. She also shared the project of District 4380, Venezuela, who have 44 youth participating in the student exchange program. Our club would be looking at the opportunity of hosting one exchange student for a year in the period 08/2018 until 07/2019. We are already in contact with District 4380 and if there are volunteers to host student at home for 2 months (can be non-Rotarian family), please, contact us at: info@rc-si.org.

Later Ms. Hristova and Mr. Rusinov shared their experience form the District Membership Seminar that took place in Burgas on 27 and 28 April 2018. (https://rc-si.org/new/?p=14855)

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(27-28 April) Rotary Membership Seminar in Burgas Attended by Members of Rotary Club Sofia International (+GAL)

27-28 April 2018 our President Ms. Hristova and the Secretary Elect Mr. Rusinov attended the Rotary Membership seminar in Sarafovo, Burgas.

The seminar started with a team building excercise. The Rotarians were separated into different groups and had the opportunity to meet with new friends from other clubs. The games showed the creativity, the team spirit and the unique qualities of the Rotarians.

After that the official part was opened by the District Governor Mr. Emil Kotsev. Moderator was DGE Mr. Veselin Dimitrov and number of Past and Nominee District Governors were lecturers – PGD Ms. Nina Miteva, DGN Mr. Ilian Iliev, and PDG Mr. Dimitar Dimitrov, also many Rotarian friends presented – Mr. Jordan Terziyski, Mrs. Iva Grigorova, ADG Mrs. Nedialka Rosenova, and DRP Mr. Vahan Bohosian.

The theme of the evening was the Birthday Party of Rotary Club Burgas – Pirgos. Our friend Mr. Stefan Gevrenov welcomed all guest on the entrance of the Restaurant. After that he opened the official part of the dinner. The program included performances from vocal and dance formations, which are supported by Rotary Club Burgas – Pirgos. More than 20 guests from Rotary Club of Edirne also took part in the Birthday celebration.

The evening ended with smiles on the guests’ faces in the small hours of the day.

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(25 Apr) Regular Meeting and a Presentation by Mr. Daniel Hristov, Owner of Free Call Inc. (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International held its weekly regular meeting on 25 April 2018, as usual at Hilton Sofia. We had numerous of guests: Mr. Daniel Hristov, our lector, Mrs. Dessi Tian, Ms. Svetlozara Zaharieva, also Mr. Atanas Mihnev from Rotary Club Sofia Balkan.

All of our new guests present themselves and Mr. Mihnev invited us to the Rotary Club Sofia Balkan 15th Birthday on 11.05.2018 in Studio 5 club, Entrance A4, NDK, at 21:00 h.

Ms. Hristova explained about her visit In Haskovo for the Spring Ball of Rotary Club Haskovo Aida. She also conveyed the greetings to our members by their President – Mrs. Rumiana Boncheva.

The highlight of the evening was the lecture by Mr. Daniel Hristov, owner of Free Call Inc. (more info at their website – www.freecallinc.com)

Mr. Hristov is CEO of Free Call Inc. with 20 years experience in digital marketing. He introduced himself and his product – “Free Call” the easiest and most effective solution to get more customers from your website.

Free Call is a web-based communications tool that is embedded on a website, providing visitors a free means to directly contact you on your landline and mobile phones. Free Call can be configured to connect visitors, customers, and potential clients directly to your office or your call center with just a click of a button.

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(21 Apr) Member of the Club Attended the Spring Ball of Rotary Club Haskovo Aida

On 21 April 2018 the President of Rotary Club Sofia International, Ms. Ani Hristova, visited the Spring Ball of Rotary Club Haskovo Aida. The ball was attended by numerous Rotarians from many clubs, as well from many other guests.
The funds, collected during this fundraising event will be for a project of Rotary Club Hakovo Aida called “Health for our Children”.
The event took place in “Haskovo” restaurant, where the hosts have prepared many surprises for the guests. The evening continued well into the night with a friendly atmosphere and a lot of dancing.

(19 Apr) International Women’s Club Sofia Cocktail (+GAL)

On 19 April 2018 in the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in Sofia a cocktail was given by H.E. Eric S. Rubin, U.S. Ambassador and his wife Nicole Simmons.

It was Garden Party type of event. The guests were mainly ladies from many different nations. The dress code was the traditional dresses from the country of origin of the lady. There was an informal fashion show on a special podium under the accompaniment of traditional national music. All “models” presented themselves brilliantly and received the applause of the audience.

Our president Ms. Hristova was a guest of the cocktail. She was dressed in traditional “Shopska” dress from the village of Breznik, Pernik region.

The atmosphere was wonderful and the idea of the organizers from International Women’s Club (IWC) was to attract more ladies to their club and involve them in their initiatives. You can check their web site: www.iwc-sofia.org and contact them at: office@iwc-sofia.org.



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During the summer break informal meetings take place at Raketa Rakia Bar, every Wednesday at 18:30.

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