(11 Apr) Regular Meeting and a Presentation by our Member Marc Bouzy (+GAL)

The first weekly meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International after the Easter holidays has been held on 11 April at the Hilton Sofia. The president of the club Ms. Ani Hristova opened the meeting and briefed the members on some of club’s projects. Invitations a football tournament and a seminar organized by other Rotarian clubs and D-2482 have been announced as well.

Our friend and member Mr. Ripley shared his impressions from the visits to the two clubs in Haskovo. He was impressed by the hospitality and the warm welcome he has received. Tony brought special greetings from the friends in Haskovo to our members.

Undoubtedly this evening’s focus was the catching and well balanced presentation “Loire Valley: Castles, Wine and Cheese” brought by our friend Mr. Marc Bouzy.

Mr. Bouzy started with a short historical review of the region, his home place in France, showed pictures of some of the more than 3000 castles still existing there and mentioned several famous writers and artists who have been creating in this amazing and cosy nook of France. Further on Mr. Bouzy acquainted the audience with typical kinds of cheese and wine produced locally for centuries.

Following the tradition, the meeting ended with networking and friendly discussions among the members of Rotary Club Sofia International.

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(4 Apr) Member of RC Sofia International Presents at a Regular Meeting of RC Graz Süd

On 4 April our friend and member of Rotary Club Sofia International Mr. Michael Angerer visited a meeting of Rotary Club Graz Süd. He gave a lecture on the situation and opportunities in Central Asia. The presentation was was well received. Mr. Angerer, of course, had the opportunity to also mention the activities our club is engaged in.

After the lecture Mr. Angerer  exchanged the club banner with the President of Rotary Club Graz Süd Ms. Eva Eggeling. Rotary Club Graz Süd is still a young Austrian club, it was founded end of 2015, however it is actively engaged already in its community. Ms. Eva Eggeling exchanging the banner.

All the members of the club in Graz send their regards to everybody at Rotary Club Sofia International.

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(28 Mar) Presentation by H.E. Mr. Alberto A. M. Trueba, Ambassador of Argentina (+GAL)

The regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International was held on 28 March at the Hilton Sofia. The president of the club Ms. Ani Hristova welcomed H.E. Mr. Alberto Alfredo Manuel Trueba, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Argentina in Bulgaria, and his wife Mrs. Carina Tomassini and introduced them to the members and guests.  

H.E Trueba held an interesting and very friendly speech. The topic was the relations between Bulgaria and Argentina. Interesting for our us was the fact, that in Argentina, the Bulgarian emigrants are the 3rd largest emigrant group. He explained that this year it is 86 years since the establishment of the diplomatic relations between our two countries, which are friendly and stable and develop within the common values and principles. The Ambassador pointed out that the representatives of the community of Argentinians of Bulgarian origin, who live and work in the country, have undoubtedly helped for that. Fully integrated and at the same time proudly bearing their cultural roots, for several generations, they have contributed with their virtues as hard work and honesty in shaping the national identity of Argentina.

H.E. Trueba also explained about different projects in Bulgaria and in Argentina. H.E. Trueba thanked for the honor to be guest of Rotary Club Sofia International and expressed his gratitude for the warmth and the hospitality he received in our club.

After the official meeting was over we continued our networking in the lobby of Hilton Sofia.

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(23-25 Mar) Presidents Elect Training Seminar (PETS) 2018 of District 2482 in Pomorie (+GAL)

From 23 to 25 March in Pomorie the Presidents Elect Training Seminar (PETS) 2018 of Rotary Bulgaria, District 2482 took place in Pomorie.  Alongside the Presidents Elect training, a module for the secretaries was also held, as well as the Rotary Foundation module.

Four people from the club – Ms. Hristova, Ms. Ivanova, Mr. Sugarev and Mr. Rusinov left on Friday and arrived in Burgas, where they had a meeting with Mr. Stefan Gevrenov, President of Rotary Club Burgas – Pyrgos. The seminar started at Saturday morning in Pomorie, with the bell and the anthems of Bulgaria and of Rotary Bulgaria. The Past District Governor Emil Kotsev opened the Seminar. Mr. Petar Valkanov, President of Rotary Club Pomorie and Mr. Ivan Alexiev, Mayor of Pomorie also welcomed the guests.

The District Governor Elect – Mr. Vesselin Dimitrov then announced the motto of the Rotary Year 2018-2019 “Be the Inspiration”, and after that present his district team.

In the evening we enjoyed a wonderfully organization dinner reception, where for the good mood of the guests cared the singer Ms. Toni Dimitrova.

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(7 Mar) Presentation by H. E. Mr. Stefano Baldi, Ambassador of Italy (+GAL)

The regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International has been held on 7 March at the Hilton Sofia. The president of the club Ms. Ani Hristova welcomed H. E. Mr. Stefano Baldi, Ambassador of Italy to Bulgaria and introduced him to the members and guests.  

H. E. Mr. Baldi thanked for the honor to be guest of Rotary Club Sofia International and continued with his presentation. It was different from all of other lectures the club has hosted so far. H. E. Baldi spoke with great affection and love about Italy and why everyone is in love with his country.

After the official meeting was over we continued our networking in the lobby of Hilton Sofia.

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(28 Feb) Regular Meeting and Tasting of Products Distributed by Vega Star Trading (+GAL)

On 28 February 2018 at the regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International in Hilton Sofia we welcomed our friends from Vega Star Trading.

The presentation of their products started before the official meeting with Pearadise Cognac – ideal balanced combination of liqueur from fresh pear extract and pure cognac Godet. 

At 19:30 the President of the club Ms. Ani Hristova opened official meeting. She shared invitations for different Rotarian events and information for the traditional Wine It! – wine tasting fundraiser on 15 March 2018. 

After Ms. Hristova closed the official part of the meeting the tasting continued with Grand Macnish Six Cask Edition – innovative malt blend of six separate malt whiskeys, one from each of six Scottish whiskey producing regions – Highlands, Spaceide, Ayla, Campbell Valley, Lowlands and the Islands.
The master blender has created a remarkable, complex and well-balanced scotch. After that our guests presented their cigars.

More information you can find on Vega Star Trading web page: http://vegastartrading.com/bg/

The fellowship then continued, as usual, in the lobby bar of the hotel.

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(21 Feb) Regular Meeting and a Presentation by Mr. Tohid Abdollahi (+GAL)

At the Regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International held at the Hilton Sofia on 21 February 2018, we had numerous guests – Mrs. Krasena Kancheva, Mr. Mehrdad, Mr. Marcel van der Hoek, Mr. Petar Kabakov.

We had also special guest Maestro Mr. Nicola Guerini, member of Rotary Club Verona. He presented to us his CD with Classical music, special book about Verona, and we exchanged the flag of  his club with us. You can find more information about Maestro Guerini here – https://www.nicolaguerini.org/videos.

Ms. Hristova updated the present on the Wine It! – Fundraising wine evening, which will on 15 March 2018 at 19:00 in Ranchero Steakhouse by Bodega. She consequently gave the floor for the presentation of Mr. Tohid Abdollahi.

A presentation about Persian traditional attire and the photographic portrayal thereof was delivered by Mr. Tohid Abdollahi. Following in the footsteps of an illustrious father who was a pioneer in the Persian film industry, his son Mr. Abdollahi, followed his passion in Persian cultural clothing by incorporating lessons learned from his fathers’ example and displayed numerous photographic portraits of traditional Iranian scenes with models attired in beautiful cultural clothing.

Though maintaining its’ own distinct identity there were remarkable similarities with traditional Bulgarian dress. Mr. Abdollahi aims to showcase the Persian culture in Bulgaria, and even hinted at the idea of pursuing a similar exhibition of Bulgarian traditional dress in the future.

The fellowship continued after the official part, as usual, in the lobby bar of the hotel.

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(13 Feb) Rotary Club Sofia International Member Meets Fellow Rotarians in Rotary Club Troyan (+GAL)

Our member Mr. Cris Biemond who recently moved to Oreshak, decided to visit the local Rotary club in Troyan.

The weekly meetings are held on Tuesday evening in Hotel Troyan Plaza, which has a nice atmosphere and as Cris knew from previous visits a good cuisine as well.

The meeting started with a prayer and continued with the introduction of the Sofia International member. After a successful introduction in Bulgarian the meeting continued with some internal announcements.

Highlight of the evening was the discussion about the Russian evening that will take place the 28 February 2018, to which we are all invited.

After the meeting the evening continued with nice informal talks.

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(7 Feb) Regular Meeting and Tasting of Bononia Estate Wines (+GAL)

The regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International was held on 7 February at Hilton Sofia. The president of the club Ms. Ani Hristova announced some invitations from other Rotary clubs and the updated agenda of the forthcoming club meetings. Focus was set out on the preparation of the traditional Wine Evening scheduled for 15.03.2018 when funds for our cause of the year will be raised.

Main topic of the agenda was presentation and tasting of wines produced by Bononia Estate winery. This young and rapidly growing company is named after the ancient Roman fortress situated along the Danube river – Bononia (nowadays city of Vidin). 2016 is the year when Bononia Estate launched its first wine brands – ISTAR, Ooh La La, Gomotartzi, and Bononia Estate Reserve.

The club members enjoyed all the wine brands of Bononia Estate which own two distinct characteristics that unite them: their finesse, along with gentle, discreet flavours, and a recognizable varied temper.

As usual the meeting ended with fellowship at the lobby bar of Hilton.

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(31 Jan) Regular Meeting and Tasting of Villa Melnik Winery’s Wines (+GAL)

On 31 January 2018 at the regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International in Hilton Sofia we welcomed our friends Ms. Militza Zikatanova and Ms. Petya Angelova from Villa Melnik Winery.

This time the tradition with the lectures was broken and we started with the presentation during our dinner with Bergulé Rosé, Orange Wine and AplauZ Shiroka Melnik.

When the clock was exactly 19:30, the President of the club Ms. Ani Hristova started the meeting. She shared invitations for different Rotarian events and also information for the traditional Wine It! – wine tasting fundraiser on 15 March 2018.

After that the floor was given to our friend from Villa Melnik Winery. Our guest presented their excellent wines and all of our members were impressed with them and the lecture, made by Ms. Militza Zikatanova and Ms. Petya Angelova. 

Villa Melnik invited us to their annual Celebration of Vinegrowes and Winemakers, St. Trifon Zarezan on 17.02.2018, Saturday, at their winery near Harsovo. The celebration is part of the Melnik Wineries Open Doors Weekend, 17-18.02.2018. The events are free entry and everyone is welcome. For more information please visit the Facebook Event here: fb.me/events/349685225499771/.

Villa Melnik are our first sponsors as well for the Wine It! fundraising event. They also donated for our charity auction a bottle of each of the wines they presented during our meeting.

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We meet on Wednesday at 18:45 in
Hilton Sofia, 1 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia.

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