(11 Oct) District Governor Emil Kotsev Visits the Club at a Regular Meeting (+GAL)

As usual, the regular weekly meeting of the Rotary club Sofia International was held at Hilton Sofia. Among the honored guest were: Mr. Emil Kotsev – District Governor of District 2482., Mr. Evgeni Makaveev – Assistant District Governor of District 2482 Zone I, and Mr. Konstantin Yanakiev – Assistant District Governor of District 2482 Zone II. From Our Rotaract Club we hosted: Claudio – President, Victotria – Secretary, Ermia, Polivius and Filippo.

The President, Ms. Ani Hristova opened the meeting by welcoming the members and guests. She informed the present, that Ramla Rotary Club in Israel had the privilege to toast in honor of our club in their last meeting and they are forwarding their club’s blessings to us.

Ms. Ani Hristova asked all members and guests to have a toast for Ramla Rotary Club in Israel to whom we extend our greetings and best wishes. Ms. Hristova asked everyone to also toast Rotary Club Astana International and their President Mr. Taylan Karamanli. Ms. Ani Hristova thanked him for his support in transferring Inna and Claude Badan to our club. 

After the internal affairs and the announcements the District Governor – Mr. Emil Kotsev took the floor. He held a presentation for the first time in English, to honor our club, whose official language is English. Mr. Kotsev stressed the importance of a strong Rotary organisation and the importance of creating new projects and introduced a check list to evaluate our club. Mr. Kotsev has all confidence that our club has all the requirements to pass this check list.

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(4 Oct): Regular Meeting and Presentation by Mr. Brendan Cobble (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International held its weekly regular meeting in Hilton Sofia. Among the honored guests  where: Mrs. Jenifer Cobble, Mr. Brendan Cobble, Mr. Thomas Westerhagen, Mrs. Inna Badan, and Mr. Claude Badan

The official part of the meeting started exactly at 19.30. The President, Ms. Ani Hristova, reminded to the members the decisions taken during the board meeting. She also pointed out forthcoming events.

After some internal announcements we can proudly announce that Panagiota Angelopoulou became our newest member.

The following point on the agenda was the Presentation of Brendan Cobble which was titled “The Sofia Coat Drive” Brendan is a 16 years old student of the Anglo American School (AAS) who launched a very successful project to collect used coats and redistribute them to people in need.

After this well received presentation the bell, that ended the official part of the meeting, rang and the fellowship continued in an informal atmosphere.

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(27 Sept): Regular Meeting and Presentation of Franciacorta – the Italian Sparkling Wine by Mario Piazza. (+GAL)

The first regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International after the summer break was held at the usual place – Hilton Sofia on 27 September 2017.

Amongst the esteemed guests were:  Dr. Meglena Plugtschieva, Valia Batista, Luiza Orza, Gulliano Torri, Bruno Cajeli, Alexander Filev, Vessela Toncheva, Inna Badan and Claude Badan.

The President, Ms. Ani Hristova welcomed the guests and members. She briefly explained about the decisions taken on the board meeting, preceding the regular one, and pointed out the dates of club events and shared the invitations we have received from other clubs.

Our Guest Speaker was fellow Rotarian Mario Piazza, who delivered a fascinating presentation on Franciacorta – the Italian Sparkling Wine. The presentation highlighted the almost identical origin of the Franciacorta the Champagne. After the presentation and close of the official meeting, members were treated to a tasting of the ‘Pas Dosè’ and ‘Millésimé’ from the Franciacorta collection. Needless to say, it was greatly appreciated by all members and guests, and the fellowship continued in the lobby lounge.

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(6 Sept): The President of the Club Visits Rotary Club Harmanli on the Unification Day (+GAL)

On the Unification Day of Bulgaria, our President Ms. Ani Hristova was invited to a regular meeting of Rotary Club Harmanli by Mr. Galin Karagyozov – Vice President of the club.

The Meeting started with prayer, read by the Master of Ceremony – Mr. Aleksanar Petrov. The President Mr. Gosho Zhelev welcomed warmly our President Ms. Ani Hristova and gave her the floor where she briefly presented the activities and some past and current projects of our club.

The members from Rotary Club Harmanli also shared their realized projects, some of these are: air-conditioning of Harmanli Hospital, two mini vans for Harmanli Municipality (for the kids of the city), screening for breast cancer (for all the women in the city).

The President Mr. Zhelev and all the members invited all our club members to their regular “Wine and Friendship Fest 2017” on 2 December 2017 in Prikazkite Restaurant (https://goo.gl/WQ6rD4). Additional information can be found at: https://goo.gl/KdWNCw.

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(29 Aug) Members of RC Sofia International Visited Rotary Club Kyustendil (+GAL)

Our dear friend Yolanda Ruiz Puente, member of Rotary Club Kyustendil and spouse of our member Alberto Rossi invited Rotary Club Sofia International to join their meeting.

On 29 August 2017, our President Ms. Ani Hristova, the Secretary Mr. Plamen Kertev, his spouse Mrs. Polina Kerteva, Mr. Alberto Rossi, Mr. Alberto Staykov and Mr. Cris Biemond attended the meeting of RC Kyustendil.

The President of Rotary Club Kyustendil – Mr. Georgi Ilinov welcomed the guests and presented the club and the main projects they are realizing. Some of these are: Construction of city fountains; Small hospital church, Center for Emergency Medical Services, Screening of children with diabetes.

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(8 July) Public Image Seminar and Handover Ceremony of District 2482 Rotary Bulgaria (+GAL)

On 8 July 2017 in Troyan the Public Image Seminar and the Handover Ceremony of District 2482 took place. Rotary Club Sofia International was represented by the President Ms. Ani Hristova and Mr. Cris Biemond.

Mr. Emil Kotsev, District Governor and Mr. Ilian Nikolov, President of Rotary Club Troyan welcomed the Rotarians and opened the seminar. Guest of honor was the Mayor of Troyan Municipality – Donka Mihaylova.

After the lectures on how to improve the public image of the clubs , the Handover Ceremony of the District Governor took place in the Museum of Folk Art Crafts and Applied Arts in Troyan

The official part was followed by a Gala Dinner in Restaurant Bulgaria, where our hosts treated the guests with delicious menu, combined with the traditional Troyanska Slivova.

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(5 July) Handover Ceremony of Rotary Club Sofia International (+GAL)

Today, 5 July 2017 in Hilton Sofia, Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular meeting and a Handover Ceremony of the old and new Presidents. Mr. Horst Sueer opened the meeting and reported on the activities the club executed during the year he was the President. He then handed over the President’s Chain to the new President of the club Ms. Ani Hristova. She was welcomed by the present members and guests and introduced the Board she will be working with during 2017 – 2018 Rotarian Year. Ms, Hristova also drafted briefly the plan for the next year and expressed the wish to continue building up on top of the already achieved. 

The meeting concluded with both Presidents ringing the bell for the end of the official part. Later all the members and guests moved to the garden of the lobby bar of the hotel, where the congratulations for the new president continued.

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(4 July) Members of the Club Visit Blagoveshtenie Day Center (+GAL)

On 4 July 2017 representatives of Rotary Club Sofia International visited Blagoveshtenie Day Center where we to receive acknowledgement for the air conditioner purchased with the funds collected at the traditional Wine It! – wine tasting evening of the club held on 16 March 2017. 

The Director of the Center showed us around and explained what activities they are organizing for the kids visiting the enterprise. We had also the chance to meet the team of specialists without whom the the center would not have existed.

Rotary Club Sofia International would like to use the opportunity to once again thank all our members and guests who attended and all the sponsors of Wine It! – 

Malkata Zvezda Winery
Vinprom Rousse
Chateau Copsa
Bononia Estate Winery & Vineyards
Wine project Melvino
Bratanov Winery
Aroniada-Agro Ltd.
Sintica Winery
Vinprom Svishtov
Saloon American Pub
Hilton Sofia
HOPe Restaurants
HOPe Soap
Graphya Ltd.
Maxim Restaurant and Garden
Hi Life

Together we realized yet another successful project.

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(2 July) Member of Rotary Club Sofia International Attended the Rila Magic Festival in Borovets (+GAL)

Over the weekend Rotary Club Sofia International represented by member Grant Dale attended the Rila Magic Festival in Borovets by invitation of Ivaylo Shopski. The event showcased Bulgarian Culture and was a tribute to the fighting spirit of the ‘haidouti’. As a foreigner I was impressed by the strength and perseverance of the Bulgarian Culture under centuries of oppression. A particular highlight of the event is the travelling heritage museum which has replicas of the uniforms and weaponry used over the centuries. In particular, the strength and endurance of the Bulgarian Spirit is evident, not to mention the passion of people like Ivaylo Shopski who embodies the national spirit of his forefathers. The day was concluded at Shumnatitsa where Mr. Shopski has created an enclave to honor the Bulgarian heritage, where children and adults are given the opportunity to feel, see and experience their cultural heritage.

For more information : http://patuvashtochitalishte.bg/

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(28 June) Presentation by Georgi Kolev by HOPe Restaurant at a Regular Meeting of the Club (+GAL)

The regular meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International took place on 28 June 2017 in Hilton Sofia. We welcomed Ms. Kristen Gerwen from Ohio and our friend Mr. Georgi Kolev from HOPe Restaurant. Kristen is nowadays helping HOPe Restaurant in establishing itself as a sustainable social enterprise.

The meeting started with a report by the President on the traditional fundraising whisky evening – Blend It! – held on 22 June 2017 at Bodega Tapas & Wine in Sofia. As already shared here the event was a success and we collected 2,100 BGN to be used for vocational training of the kids from the home in Doganovo village.

Later the meeting continued with an update from Mr. Georgi Kolev on the social enterprise HOPe Restaurant, which we have established together with clubs from District 1100 in the UK and with the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI).

After the official part the members and friends had a nice conversations in the garden of Hilton Sofia in the spirit of Rotary.

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