(Feb 15) Regular Meeting and a Presentation by the Director of the Home for Kids Deprived of Parental Care in Doganovo (+GAL)

On 15 February Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular meeting at the usual place – Hilton Sofia. We hosted a presentation by Presentation by Mrs. Olga Lenkova, Director Home for Children Deprived of Parental Care in Doganovo. She explained the situation in the home and expressed a wish to support 5 of their kids to receive vocational training, in order to be able to find jobs and support themselves once they leave the institution.

The money for this project will be raised at a fundraising event with the participation of President Plevneliev, which we will announce soon.

The meeting continued with discussion of the Wine It! – wine tasting fundraiser evening – which will take place on the 16 March 2017 at 19:00 in Royal Sofia Club in the National Palace of Culture. The money collected will be for the needs of the day center for children and teenagers with disability “Blagoveshtenie” with Caritas Sofia.  More details will be shared soon.

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(Feb 09) Rotarians and Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion Present HOPe Restaurant (+GAL)

The official presentation of the concept and menu of the social enterprise established by the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI) – HOPe Restaurant – took place on 9 February 2017. The project is the result of a collaboration between Rotarians from Districts 1100 and 2482 and the foundation.

The event was held on in the House of Moscow in Sofia and was attended by Her Excellency Ms. Emma Hopkins, Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Bulgaria and Mr. Jörg Schenk counselor of the Embassy of the Federal Republic Germany.

HE Emma Hopkins opened the conference with an inspirational speech. Mr. Schenk followed with an emotional welcome to the guests of the event. The hall hostrd more than 100 guests, including many Rotarians and friends of Rotary, as well as a special friend – the Past District Governor Mrs. Nina Miteva.

The presentation was followed by a cocktail where the numerous guest had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse culinary world HOPe Restaurant.

A big “Thank you” to everyone who celebrated with us the beginning of this exciting project

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(Feb 08) Regular Meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International in HOPe Restaurant (+GAL)

On 08 February 2017 Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular meeting in HOPe Restaurant

HOPe Restaurant is a social enterprise, where kids from the “House of Opportunity” Programme and those leaving social institutions will be trained to develop professional skills and become independent and worthy and contributing members of our society.

In 2015 a Rotary Club Sofia International, Rotary eClub West of England and Rotary District 1100, as well as other contributing Rotary Clubs – Bristol Breakfast, Bristol Bridge, Brue Valley, Clifton, Evesham, Gloucester, Stroud, Thornbury, Worcester in Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland raised money and applied for a Global Grant from Rotary Foundation for the development of a Social Enterprise together with the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI).

The result of months of work of the team responsible for the execution of the project is HOPe Restaurant. The slogan of the restaurant is “Tasty food is a cause”. Itprovides its clients with  a carefully selected menu complying with both the Bulgarian traditions and tastes, and with global trends in cooking. In agreement with some of the most famous chefs in Bulgaria the menu of HOPe Restaurant undoubtedly is a delight for lovers of delicious food.

Rotary Club Sofia International had a wonderful dinner there, together with the friends from Rotary District 1100 and the members of the Vocational Training Team, and with our friends from FSCI. 

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(Feb 01) Rotary Club Sofia International Announced the Date for Wine It! at a Regular Meeting (+GAL)

Rotary Club Sofia International announced today the date for the traditional fundraising wine event of the club – Wine It! – at a regular meeting of the club. Wine It! will be on 16 March 2017 in Royal Sofia Club in the National Palace of Culture.

Mrs. Olga Lenkova, the Director of the Home for Homeless Children in the village of Doganovo will present the project for the donation from Rotary Club Sofia Intenational arising from the event with President Mr. Rosen Plevneliev. The presentation of Mrs Lenkova will be on 15 February 2017 during the regular weekly meeting of the club.

The next Board meeting was confirmed for the 15 February, after the regular scheduled meeting and the presentation of the needs of the home in Doganovo.

At the close of the official meeting members continued the discussion in the lobby of the hotel.




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(Jan 27) Rotary Club Sofia International is Over the Clouds (+GAL)

During the regular meeting on 25 January 2007 Rotary Club Sofia International had the pleasure to welcome a new friend – Mr. Martin Luidolt from Rotary Club Hollabrunn-Weinlknd. During the meeting we exchanged the flags of our two clubs. We also presented Mr. Luidolt with a coffee mug of Rotary Club Sofia International. A day later we received photos from him, how he enjoyed his coffee from our mug during his long working day, and how it gave him a smile each time when he picked the mug up.

See you soon at one of our meetings, or on your plane dear Martin.

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(Jan 25) Rotary Club Sofia International Meeting and Discussion of Wine It! (+GAL)

On the 25 January 2017 Rotary Club Sofia International held its weekly regular meeting at the usual place – Hilton Sofia.

Ms. Ani Hristova chaired the meeting in the absence of President Horst Stueer.

Regular guests were welcomed. This time we also had one guest who visits us for first time – Martin Luidolt – from Rotary Club Hollabrunn-Weinlknd.

Rotary Club Sofia International extended their congratulations to members Doroteya and Svetlana on the respective births of their baby girls.

The topic of the meeting was about our next fundraising event – “Wine It!” on 16 March. We will be very soon announcing further details. 

 After the official part part of our members and guests continued the discussion in the lobby of the hotel.

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(Jan 18) Regular Meeting of Rotary Club Sofia International (+GAL)

On 18 January 2017 Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular meeting. For the board members the meeting started at 18:00 h, and here are the decisions:

1. The project for the event with Mr. Plevneliev shall be the home for homeless children at Doganovo.

2. We will donate winter tires to Luis Braille School.

3. And last, but not least we will support the project of our friend Mr. Peter Simon for 100 books “Stoyno mi, Maly Mome – Anthology of Songs from Central and Western Bulgaria” by the author Mrs. Tsvetkova to be distributed to Bulgarian community centers.

After that at the regular time for staring the meeting – 19:30 we welcomed again full room of members and our regular guests – Grant Dale, Tatjana Benisheva, Biliana Mladenova, Bogdan Hadjiyantchev.

Our friend Bilyana Mladenova from FSCI invited all of our members and friends to visit the conference for the official opening of HOPe Restaurant on 9 February 2017 at 16 o’clock (92, Georgi S. Rakovski Str.)

On 8 February our regular meeting will be held in HOPe Restaurant, on 42, Vladayska Str.

Please confirm for participation on these events at info@rc-si.org

Later on in the cozy atmosphere of nearby bar, members of the club started the preparation of our next fundraising event “Wine It!”.

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(Jan 11) Rotary Club Sofia International’s First Meeting in 2017 (+GAL)

On 11 January Rotary Club Sofia International held its first meeting for 2017. The meeting started with special greetings for our dear friend Mr. Jörg Schenk who celebrated his birthday one day after Christmas. Rotary Club Sofia International wishes him health, luck, and happiness.

Our President Horst Stueer announced two important dates, a joint dinner with the Vocational Team members from the District 1100 Rotary clubs. The meeting on 8 February 2017 will be held in HOPe Restaurant, on Vladayska str. 42, Sofia.

On 9 February 2017 at 16 o’clock a conference for the official opening of HOPe restaurant will be held. All the members and friends of the club are invited to participate and learn more about this social enterprise, realized by FSCI with the help of Rotary. For more information: info@rc-si.org.

The President Elect for 2017/2018, Ms. Ani Hristova announced the positions of the members of the board:

  • Secretary: Plamen Kertev
  • Foundation Chair: Slavena Savkova
  • Club Membership Chair: Joerg Schenk
  • Treasurer: Plamen Lazarov
  • Master of ceremonies: Tony Ripley

Congratulations to all.

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(Dec 14) RC Sofia International Elected Board 2017-2018 and President Elect 2018-2019 (+GAL)

Today, 14 December 2016, Rotary Club Sofia International held its elections for the Board of the club for 2017-2018 Rotarian year and for President Elect 2018-2019. The following members were elected:

President Elect 2018-2019:
– Enrico Repouz

Board members for Rotarian year 2017-2018:
– Jörg Schenk
– Michail Sougarev
– Plamen Kertev
– Slavena Savkova
– Tony Ripley

Additionally members of the Board for 2017-2018 are also:
– Horst Stüer (Past President)
– Ani Hristova (President)
– Enrico Repouz (President Elect)

Congratulations to all elected.

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(Dec 7) Regular Meeting and a Presentation by Mrs. Yuliana Antonova (+GAL)

On 7 December Rotary Club Sofia International held its regular meeting at Hilton Sofia.

Mr. Stueer and Mrs. Doncheva  recounted on the 10th Annual Christmas Puppet Theatre held for a second year in Yakimovo for the kids of Father Ivan. Santa Claus was also there and he awarded all of the kids with presents, donated by Vivacom, McDonald’s, members and friends of Rotary Club Sofia International. We also donated and delivered 13 cubic meters of wood directly at the home of Father Ivan, thanks to Prof. Ivan Iliev, Rector of the Forestry University.

Number of members and friends of our Club attended the celebration, together with our Rotaract Club.

The meeting continued with a presentation by Mrs. Yuliana Antonova, a founding member of our club. She presented her book and recounted about her experience in Japan during the last several years.

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We meet on Wednesday at 18:45 in
Hilton Sofia, 1 Bulgaria Blvd., Sofia.

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